ULOG: 26 "The police shot the foot of the 212 Mart robber in Tangerang for fighting with sickles"

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The police shot the robbery of 212 Mart who launched his action on Thursday (04/10/2018) last night. The perpetrators were given strict police action, because they tried to fight officers with sickles.

Kelapa Dua Kapolsek Kompol Stefanus Luckyto explained that the theft of 212 mart, having its address at Jalan Padjajaran, Kelapa Dua, Tangerang Regency, was carried out by two perpetrators, one perpetrator in the name of Gilang alias Gondrong (22).

"Based on the results of the crime scene and investigation we managed to identify the perpetrators, who were on Jalan Mataram, Bencongan, Kelapa Dua, Tangerang Regency. From there one perpetrator Ranandar alias Kiting (23), then we managed to secure it," said Kapolsek Minggu (7/10 / 2018) confirmed.

The police chief explained that his staff, led by the Head of Criminal Investigation of Kelapa Dua Police, Mukmin Mukhtu, was forced to give strict action to the perpetrator, because he tried to injure the officer with the sickness that the perpetrator had.

"The perpetrator when he was about to be arrested immediately took the sickle from behind his shirt, the officer was immediately given strict action by shooting the foot of the perpetrator," he explained.

After being secured, it was known that the Kiting perpetrator was not alone, he
explained that the mini market theft was carried out with one other colleague.

"Our perpetrators identified being in Jatiuwung, we went to see that the perpetrators had fled. Now they are still at large," he said.

Previously reported, a mini market on Jalan Padjajaran, Tangerang district, was a robbery victim by two sharply armed actors and firearms.

This swarm of robbers, then succeeded in tackling the money from the sale of the mini market, after the perpetrators locked up and pointed the mini market employees using weapons.

All cash and three mobile units at the cashier desk were immediately tackled by the two robbers who then fled on motorbikes.

As a result of his actions, the perpetrator threatened with being charged under Article 365 of the Criminal Code with a maximum jail sentence of 9 years.

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