ULOG: 21 "Burned Warehouse of Slippers and Shoes in Sidoarjo, 8 Houses were also burned"

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The warehouse of sandals and shoes in the village of Wedoro, Waru, Sidoarjo, was burned. The fires also affected eight residents' houses near the burning buildings.

"There were eight houses affected by the fire. There were four houses that were not too severe," said Faisol, one of the residents at the scene on Sunday (09/23/2018).

Faisol said that at the time of the fire many local residents tried to extinguish the fire with makeshift tools while waiting for the PMK officer to arrive.

"Although there is an MPK car, the car cannot approach the location," added Faisol.

The same thing was conveyed by Kohar, firefighters who arrived at the scene. He and his colleagues found it difficult to make outages because the burning house was in an alley.

"Because the fire continued to grow and PMK could not enter, so the fire spread to residents' homes," Kohar said.

The fire can finally be extinguished by finding a gap between people's houses to spray water.

"Although there is no fire, residents and firefighters are still trying to wipe out. Because some entry points appear to be smoke," Kohar explained.

Kapolsekta Waru Kompol Fatoni had a fire in a sandal warehouse in the village of Wedoro. In the blackout, the PMK Sidoarjo car unit was involved.

"The impact of the sandal warehouse fire is that there are a number of houses that have experienced a mild fire," said Fatoni.

Fatoni said the fire had been extinguished after two hours even though the PMK car had difficulty approaching the location of the fire. There were three PMK car units from Sidoarjo which extinguished the fire.

"Until now the hotspot has been extinguished, but the PMK is still wetting. We do not know the cause of the fire," Fatoni explained.

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