ULOG: 19 "Like to Steal Motor and Seize, This Child Exits and in Prison"

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Many times languishing behind bars, because dealing with law enforcement, does not make the boy with the initials WS (15 years) become deterrent.

After just a few months of being released from detention after serving a sentence in a similar case, he was again arrested by the police for being involved in a series of motorcycle thefts and snatches at several locations in Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi.

WS boy claimed to be forced to become a thief to cover the cost of living for food and drink, since his parents divorced.

This time WS was escorted by Polewali Mandar Police Reksrim Unit officers to the Polewali Mandar Regional Police Station, after being arrested by officers on their flight in Pinrang district, South Sulawesi, ended on Monday (9/18/2018).

WS was reported by a number of victims as perpetrators of motorbike theft and snatches at a number of locations in Polewali Mandar. He was arrested by officers after having fled to Pinrang Regency.

In addition to arresting suspects who had been poor in prison at the age of underage, the police also secured a motorcycle stolen by WS.

The police noted that the WS was involved in four cases of mauling and snatching in Polewali Mandar before he was arrested, shortly after the boy was released from detention.

WS's child, who was met by a number of reporters at the Polewali Mandar police headquarters, did not seem to be able to deal with law enforcement. According to this boy, he was forced to steal because of limited employment.

"Father and mama are divorced. I quit school in fourth grade elementary school, "said WS.

Generally, he stole the motorbike that was being parked, the owner was off guard.

Even though the number is still relatively young, he did not release the police from all charges. The reason was that WS had repeatedly carried out similar actions repeatedly in jail because of a similar case.

To account for his actions, WS is now being held at the Polewali Mandar Police Station for the umpteenth time

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