ULOG: 18 "A Corruption Prisoner Has Luxury Jail in Sukamiskin Prison"

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Sukamiskin Correctional Institution (LP), Bandung, West Java is again in the spotlight. Not because of the bribery case as before, but the cell occupied by inmates of the e-KTP case, Setya Novanto.

Starting from the findings of the Ombudsman during a sudden inspection (inspection) to the prison on Thursday, September 13, 2018. A number of members of the Ombudsman found that the room of Setya Novanto was wider than other prisoners.

Minister of Law and Human Rights (Menkumham) Yasonna Laoly reacted. He sent the Inspector General of Kemenkumham Aidir Amin Daud to check Setya Novanto's cell in Sukamiskin prison, Bandung.

Yasonna also ordered his staff to check the application of cell facilities for convicted corruption cases in Sukamiskin Prison, such as Setya Novanto.

In addition, he asked the new Head of Sukamiskin, Tejo Herwanto, to check the facilities in prison. Not only Setya Novanto cells. According to him, Kemenhumham immediately made steps to control cell facilities for convicted corruption cases.

The head of Sukamiskin Class 1A Correctional Institution, Tejo Harwanto confirmed that the cell that was inhabited by Setya Novanto was wider with a size of 300 cm to 500 cm.

"Mr. Setanto Novanto's room is bigger, well about 300-500 cm," Tejo said in Sukamiskin Prison, Bandung, West Java, Sunday (09/16/2018).

According to Tejo, the spacious room is not only occupied by Setanto Novanto, there are around 40 cells of similar size. Some inmates who have similar sizes are Nazaruddin, Joko Susilo, and Tubagus Chaeri Wardhana or Wawan.

"Then there are public inmates who have just entered there (spacious rooms) and they have also occupied large residential spaces for a long time," he said as reported by reporters.

According to Tejo, settlements in Sukamiskin Prison were divided into three. Among them are small rooms, medium size rooms and large rooms.

Construction of the Sukamiskin Prison building is one of the "heritage" or historic buildings since 1918. So that it is impossible to make renovations, also keep from damaging the construction.

"Then what is not less important is that here we will emphasize that they will get the same service with the same form of room. Not the area, we do not argue with the area," he said.

He also explained the reason the cell was not locked outside, namely to handle the health of prisoners.

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