ULOG: 13 "Criminal and Narcotics Cases convicted as Legislative Candidates in Riau"

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A total of 10 legislative candidates were dropped by the KPU because they had been jailed in drug cases and corruption. But all were passed by the Election Supervisory Body.

"10 The legislative candidates who had been dropped off by the KPU were in Indragiri Hulu and Kampar Riau. Now everything based on the Bawaslu's decision in the two regencies was declared to have passed in the reading of the decision on the election process dispute," Riau Chairwoman Rusidi Rusdan Lubis told reporters on Friday ( 7/8/2018).

Rusidi explained, the decision was read on September 5, 2018. Bawaslu Kampar and Inhu received and re-entered 10 bacalegs to the temporary candidate list (DCS) and declared eligible.

"Previously three Bacelg in Kampar were declared not qualified by the local KPU. One of the bacaleg from Perindo, on behalf of Sudirman, a former drug user. The person concerned had fulfilled the requirements such as self-publication to the public through print media and signed by the editor in chief," said Rusidi.

For two more legislative candidates, on behalf of Rahmadlis and Samsuardi it was also stated that they had returned to DCS. For Inhu Regency, continued Rusidi, there were 7 legislative candidates who had been dropped. They were initially considered not fulfilling the requirements. Among the 7, there is a legal status for corruption prisoners.

"There are also those who do not meet the requirements because they are nominated by two parties, there are conditions for late health letters. There are also former prisoners (corruptors)," Rusidi said.

Rusidi assessed that what the Bawaslu of Kampar and Inhu had decided was in accordance with the applicable law.

"Bawaslu is consistent with the law, it does not mean that the Election Supervisory Body is pro against corruptors, because only the Constitutional Court's ruling can revoke one's suffrage," said Rusidi.

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