ULOG: 10 "Pretending to drive away bees, these two people burned oil palm in Riau"

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Rokan Hulur (Rohul) Police in Riau arrested two land burners. Both of them reason to burn wood stacks to repel bees.

"The location of the burning was in Hamlet II Dewa Koto Tandun, Kec. Tandun. The evidence at the location of the piles of wood and fire had burned the land," Rohul police chief, AKBP M Hasyim Risahondua said in a written statement to reporters on Friday (08/31/2018) .

Hasyim explained, the two perpetrators who have now been secured are Akhyar (45) and Salamudin Rambe (47), both of whom are from Tandun.

This incident began, on Wednesday (29/8) Tandun police chief received information from the community about a land fire in Koto Tandun Village.

"The Tandun Police Team immediately formed a team to check directly at the location," said Hasyim.

Arriving at the location, there was a pile of wood and a burning palm frond. The fire grew bigger and spread more land.

"That night a heavy equipment guard at the location was asked by the team whose perpetrators. The heavy equipment guards said they were named Akhyar," said Hasyim.

The team at the site made a fire extinguishing so that it did not spread everywhere. After the blackout was carried out until midnight, the other team tried to find the whereabouts of the perpetrators.

"The team finally found the Akhyar perpetrator and was interrogated. It was known that Akhyar was told by Salamudin Rambe. The reason was to burn a pile of wood to repel bees. Now the two are further processed," Hasyim said.

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to the authorities to give severe penalties to the perpetrators because these actions reflect the environment and make global warming happen

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