#ULOG, 17th day, Mister Fishball Vendor Striving Hard

in ulog •  5 months ago

My Day 17 in #ulog by @surpassinggoogle

Hello steemians. Good day.

Early dawn, together with my husband. When were walking going to the jeepney stop.

I saw this vendor of fishball, even if it's already late, he is still working and selling his fish ball on a bike.

I just realize that people with big dreams and goals never stop working in order to achieve it.

In life, sometimes I tend to say thay I'm tired of my work. I just to want to quit. But seeing this man still working at night. I think I should be like him, who never give up.

Life has a lot to offer, it's up to us what do we choose.

That's for todays #Ulog by @surpassinggoogle.

Thank you steemians...

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