My ULOG 22 : The time of sunset, one kind of natural beauty.🙂

in #ulog • 4 years ago

Hi Everyone!!! 😊
I hope you all are well.🙂

Today I & my friend go out to our old college ground. To spent some time. Every day, many people gathered there who were playing on this ground. So, I was also sitting & gossiping with my friend. It was the time of sunset & you should know that how much I love to capture the sunset pictures.😉😁

So, I didn't wait a minute & captured the beautiful sunset. The atmosphere was so amazing I can't tell you. Sweet air is passing & the sunset view is just awesome.😇


That's all for today's #ulog.☺

Hope you like it.☺
If you have any suggestion for me feel free to comment down below.👇🏻
Thanks for your time.✌🏻



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Very beautiful sunset! Love the blend of colors.

Thank you so much sir.😊

Nice blog i will give you 1 upvote

Thanks 🙂

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