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Life in the village is not worst and with internet problem restored stay here is becoming even better than I thought. Spending more time in the farm had become something I enjoy doing. The family farm is devided into two with the cocoa farm being dominant here.My mother spent vitually all her life in our village raising money to take care of us.Out of the fund, she sponsored my entire education and that of my siblings.During the working days, we spend most of our time in the farm.Being unemployed had taught me great deal of lesson and I am happy the lessons comes daily. There is a lot of adventure in the forest.


This cocoa farm is a gold mine to my mom, because it has supported our lives alot. Though mother is not rich, the sustainability of this farm became the bedrock of her success story.The farm has saved us, like she always say. I will be sharing my experiences as time goes.


Sometimes after hard day work we rest here.This is a farm village where we keep most of our farm input and sometimes sleep there. This village is in the middle of the forest with no electricity and no source of potable drinking water.


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Life in the village does not go so bad even I like to say that I also live in a town I do not have much entertainment and the internet service is a little good I think they say it is a town compared to the city because there is nothing where go have fun

But if we have nearby are forests or beaches maybe we should travel a little over 2 hours to get there is a town like where it is now @steemgh I like to be in places like these is sometimes good to be detached from the world and just connect with the nature also that you learn a lot

You have something very valuable there and it is the cocoa in my country that is very valuable, surely a good chocolate comes from there


Wow thank you very much.living a low life isn't bad especially looking at the current economic environment. Life here is full of adventure and nature lessons learnt.

Hello friend, I really know that your experiences on a farm are motivating, thank God that your mother tried hard enough so that you and your brothers could have a good education, and the best thing is that they still work with cocoa, which by the way it's delicious !! It's good to know that you can have access to the internet and still be on the farm, congratulations for the successes and that you keep reaping them!
By the way I invite you to see this article https://www.veintemundos.com/magazines/164-en/ I send greetings from Venezulea


Thanks dear.Spent most of life here and now I am back here for short visit, re-living my childhood experiences makes me very happy.

Oh cocoa in my country abounds cocoa here takes great care of this many years ago was what I lived here of cocoa, sometimes when I usually go to a town I like to take a little cocoa and eat has good taste

It's good that you enjoy life in the town does not have a bad time there I see that it has many green places so there is a lot of fresh air there also you have your family and friends you can ask for more everything you have there with you family, friends, vegetation , fresh air for your lungs besides a delicious cocoa that personally is gold for me

I hope you keep enjoying this place


yes, lovers of trees and forests want to check out andrina's passion to educate about and plant anything green and trees, like for ex here https://steemit.com/steemforest/@andrina/7eehzy-steemforest-week-12-all-hands-to-sowing

@steemgh, Stay strong and continue being positive.

Friend @steemgh how are you? live in Venezuela where the shortages are many and even families are separating to seek a better future so if I had everything they have in that farm would be very happy to live surrounded by nature is the most healthy and beautiful.

There is also internet so steemit is witness to his happiness

I love chocolate so surely cocoa would be my faithful friend

What more can you ask of life when you have so many blessings

Great blessing that you have in your hands ...
I really believe that he is very lucky, that's why I always think we should be happy and grateful with what we have, and you my friend has much to give thanks! Cocoa is delicious, and for you it is a source of work, it should be even more delicious ... greetings from Venezuela!

Hello friend @steemgh!
You are fortunate to give your time, your life and your strength to the farm, to your land ... There is no better job than giving effort and dedication to Mother Earth, because you receive abundance, prosperity and love from nature.
They are a fortunate family to have daily contact with the earth, the vegetation, the fresh air, to be able to enjoy the gold of cocoa and other fruits, the tranquility of a life in the countryside, and together as a family.
You are a blessed man, you are fortunate!

if you have health, family, friends, sufficient shelter and if provided fresh food n water, farm, internet, must one have more? what do other steemians think?

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Any time you visit my blog, you bring pure joy not only to me but my followers too.Your activities on my blog intrest me alot I fully support you. Amazing support not only for me but also our followers. God richly bless you.I announce the winners as requested. Thanks alot friend.


oh thank you, we are all very blessed indeed, with your enthousiasm and support and with our followers! eagerly awaitiing your selection of 5 winners - whenever you are ready, as you are a very busy steemian for sure!

My family has a plot in a place where there is no electricity, no gas services, toilet, internet, or transportation ... I love to visit them on my vacations.
My relatives only transmit love and kindness.
In their lands I am happy, I connect with nature, I sow, I harvest, I bathe in the river, I tend the chickens, it cooks wood, We are unconcerned and disconnected from what happens in the world, with its follies and problems.
There is no shortage of food, there are no problems of inflation, there is no political war, that is my piece of Venezuela that I adore, for which I do not leave here.
Knowing your history, your people, It reminded me of my family, our origins, that living in the shelter of the earth is what unites us, what makes us equal, is what God commands.
Greetings friend!

Hello friend, great pleasure, my name in steemit is @perlanacarada, I am a grandmother of 6 grandchildren, and it has been my life experience to live between the river and the cocoa plantations, here in Venezuela the cocoa is of very good quality and is for export to countries like Switzerland, life in the countryside is the healthiest there is, when I have the opportunity to go there, I disconnect from the noise and smog of the city, my only problem is the mosquitoes and that's why I have a lot of insect repellent and mosquito nets, I love cooking with firewood in a ground hearth, if the Internet signal came to that site it would be my complement to finish living my old age in peace and tranquility, the work of the farm is really hard but also gives us many satisfactions to the young people develop their muscles without the need to spend the day in a gym, and when we disconnect from technology we become truly human, because of the rest each person charges his cell phone invisible to the rest of the human beings, I congratulate you for that great treasure you have, I love eating the recently harvested cocoa of the bush. my regards, and hoping that you are well in this family network as is steemit. @steemgh

¡Hello friend @stemmgh!
I love that technology and Steemit is uniting us and that we get to know people all over the world, that we know their values, their ideals, their way and way of life.
God and life work in mysterious ways, being unemployed led you to reconnect with your family, with your land, your farm, with the green of the vegetation and the sweetness of the cocoa.
Lucky to have a courageous MOTHER, dedicated and hardworking, who protected and fought for you and your brothers to feed and educate them.
¡It's good that the days at the farm are better than expected.!

Greetings @steemgh you are very blessed with everything you have but above all because they enjoy happiness and health, I live in Venezuela and the day to day is full of many faults but in spite of that I also enjoy a lot of health and happiness to continue fighting every day.

Every day I try harder to give my family a better future in the midst of so many adversities that my country is going through. Greetings from Venezuela.

I like your photos, especially this one:

I think your little companion is your brother, because they look alike. In this photo I can imagine him enjoying a yellow cup with chocolate ... What a delight!

it is seen that he is a funny, happy and curious boy.

I imagine that the experiences and adventures of the forest are much better together with the family.

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awesome location and beautiful greenery all around. nice sharing @steemgh