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in ulog •  11 months ago 

My daughter and I love shopping and eating out. She has a very busy life, so whenever she is available I am ready! Like today... We had no plans together, but she got half day free so... let's go!

Sushi place it is! We were hungry, so we stopped at our favorite sushi buffet.


We had some fish also...


My daughter has no problem with the chop sticks...


I eat with a fork, she makes me laugh all the time, as I can't properly use those sticks!


It was an early lunch, not many people in the restaurant, but by the time we finished, it got crowded! We will be back with more pictures... didn't have room for desert... I ate too many sushi rolls!


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I love it! My favourite yummy

upvote 2 of 3

Looks so delicious! it seems that you enjoyed it.

its mouth watering. May be I can try this some time at my home.

looks so delicious .

Oh yes that looks tasty

Looks fantastic. Where is the restaurant?

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wow, taste!

It looks so yummy. I am coming dear....

Wonderful pictures! I always eat with silverware as well, those sticks are too much work for 2 or three grains of rice!

Yummy, can I come and join you?

Wow, it make me feel hungry is very nutrious and i love sushi food

Yummy food, nice photos. I really love post

Can you share with me to eat? Lol

Lo mejor de todo es que comparten juntas.

fun times. chopsticks can be real annoying.

Thanks for share ;)

The food looks good.

Looks so yummy!

Delicious 😍 also Hope You Have Lots Of Fun.