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What's the go with these Ulogs?

Aside from Beatitudes, SteemChurch and Bingo - this is is about the most exciting thing on the Steem blockchain.


I am SirKnight.

Steem's most legendary blogger. Ruggedly handsome and yet sophisticated. Athletic and yet surprisingly huggable.

Strategic genius behind the Great Steem Wars. Creator of the critically acclaimed Celestial Challenge. Founder of the SteemChurch, the fastest growing community on the blockchain.

You know that when this Knight comes visit your new Steem interface - you've made it! 🖒


This Knight is told that his old friend @surpassinggoogle was the mastermind behind Ulog. Well this Knight is not surprised at all. Surpassinggoogle and SirKnight campaigned and bankrolled the Great Steem Wars and Steem Lords together. And these were hard times. When men were men - and women were glad they were. 😉

Surpassinggoogle always stood out from the crowd - creative, inventive, a dry wit and a big smile.

And now, here, in Steem's time of need, SG conceives the greatest Steem tag initiative since #introduceyourself.

So parishioners of the SteemChurch and Steemians of the blockchain. Embrace this new initiative. Post about yourself regularly. Post about your day, your dreams and aspirations.

Steem is your chronical of past, present and future. And #ulog is our way of learning about the most important person in the world... me... YOU! 🤣


This post was made from https://ulogs.org

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The idea behind #ulog is genius. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle. The platform https://ulogs.org is wonderful and still work in progress. I use it everytime I'm posting a ulog

Yes it is very genious our @surpassinggogle do everything he cant to the community to make our day start. Very progreesive and wonderful and unbelievable project. Because this is newly project to @surpassinggogle but thousand of entry in a week..

Well ulog has been like a virus, intercept every Interpol, every station and every corner of steemit, making waves and bringing the best of the bests out of the originality in people.
in under two months it's garnered more than 5000 posts under it's tag, the concept helps people to be Creative while blogging about themselves, and I'm so happy that the Lord of STEEM concurs,

In a nutshell I'd say this is a beautiful illustration of Ulogs by @sunnylife.

This video is hilarious Jose. Love it. Thanks for the stats too. SK.

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I'm so glad I could present it, sometimes words cannot express that's why seeing is believing, thank you for the beautiful believe in Ulogs

Guaoo¡¡¡¡ what emotion @sirknight even since yesterday I am reading about @ulogs is an excellent initiative so to compare lives, dreams, successes and mistakes, because great things come for steemit¡¡¡¡ Thank you Sir

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It's great you're trying out ulogs as well ruggedly handsome knight. :D
Ulogs have really become super trending in no time.

I can see why Gamsam. It is a fun, personal concept. The ulogs interface works well too. Thanks for dropping by. SK.

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If there are people worthy of supreme admiration in the steem war, it is these two gentlemen. Ulogs, the new way of describing who you are and what you do on a day to day basis. Mr. Terry says: "You do not necessarily have to be a blogger", tell us your experience.

It is a terrific concept for sure Emilio. Lots of fun. This Knight loves having fun.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

By the way, when sniffyscurry made their first ulog .. I think it would be the most viral fun of the ecositema 😂😂😂

Without a doubt, Sirknight

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I'm not surprised @surpassinggoogle is your friend. Like minds that always stand out from the crowd. Always thinking of greater ways to be different.

Ulog has been trending for a long time now and it's really cool. I will try and join the moving train ASAP.

Birds of a feather flock together you reckon Ammy? This is why I hang out with you guys at SteemChurch too. We are all creative and talented and full of faith. And still very early adopters of blockchain. SK.

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Wow! You just made my day. Thank you for making me smile. You're the best

It means SirKnight, that we have the surprise of knowing more about this gentleman in Ulog. hahaha good initiative. I've posted on ulog and it's super fun.

This Knight is always giving hints Lorennys 😉 Perhaps with Ulogs there will be a few more. Be well. SK

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Thanks Sirk !

no wonder this union of forces, the good attracts the good, sincerely I say that it seems great to join forces and together fight for the blessings of God, SK has always been a gentleman with insight and much wisdom attached to @surpassinggoogle is that will be a Blessing for all the feligrees.I do not see the time to join #ulog

Me alegra verte en Steemit, Saludos.

Ulog is such an amazing tag help us to write about some of wonderful memories, dreams and aspiration we have within 😉😉hopefully we get to no more about the Knight through Ulog 😂😂😂

Wow! The legendary knight and surpassinggoogle were friends. 😀😀😀

Great people with big heart.

Thank God I get to know one of them which is you sir.

A leader and a mentor, we all at steemchurch believe in what you do sir.

Happy to know the Lord of the steem.


And these were hard times. When men were men - and women were glad they were. 😉

Hahaha you are unimpeachable, brother, I really like reading your post, I laughed a lot.

It is a good idea to publish about our day, in a day many things happen, some things would serve for teaching for others. always with good ideas @sirknight

Excellent @Surpassinggoogle a great man and together @sirknight, they should form a good team in Steem.

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Those were the good-old-days D. Ulogs is all SGs baby. SK.

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So glad that the great Knight of the #Steemchurch had a kiss of ulogs.org created by @Surpassinggoogle. Good to know that you two were friends. You both are outstanding. You both are creating a great surge of love and freedom for the users of steemit. With a collabo of you both, am sure the future of steem is bright. We'll sure steem to the moon.

With the exciting moment of steemit. One war always remembers.

Wowwww... Its so sweet to know that @surpassinggoogle is your friend. #Ulog has been amazing. I've only participated once. Will do more often. Hope you're doing great @Sirknight

This Knight is certainly enjoying it tonight oredebby.

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Great. So many similarities of these two people like @sirknight and @surpassinggoogle, with a big heart and concern, you gain and materialized the support to this great community and to all the needy. #ulog is a great label where we can see reflected from the daily life of the members to great problems that each one has, and best of all is that they receive support. Wonderful. And finally, the gentleman's charming description, I loved: Robust, handsome, sophisticated and athletic, we can now create or give an idea of what SirKnight looks like.

Great stuff coming to the blockchain with the legendary @surpassinggoogle doing great things to the ecosystem! All the best boss @sirknight greater things to come !

Thanks Wales.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Great .. SirKnight and Sir Terry are my favorites.

Why thankyou dear Kristal.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Because we always take into account what we do regardless of our inexperience. They always look at the intention that we have to learn and motivate us to keep fighting. In short, they are two gentlemen.

Glory to God this union of these gentlemen bring us blessings, good initiative, with this label we can express our day to day

That is an excellent initiative, this will make way for what we called socialization.

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Good to know this Knight ( @sirknight) and @surpassinggoogle campaigned and backrolled the great steem wars and steem Lords together back in the days.

We roll with you both sir. I am a fan you are my celebrity.

Haha. Thank you Gloeze.

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Only true steemians know the full story and that again is the reason am going to published a post about the days of daily clestial challenge

Ulog is really a wonderful idea by @surpassinggoogle, your old friend, and it's nice to know that the knight, himself is having some fun.
Kind regards.

With the intervention of @sirknight, #ulog will soon witness a massive advancement. Thanks to @surpassinggoggle, for the great initiative.

What a good news, always our idol surprising us, thanks @sirknight

Nice man Sir terry. I like him. Your post is too good. Thanks @sirknight

excellent news to brighten the day, thanks for always thinking about our welfare

I love them, thanks to those gentlemen, they make an excellent team

I agree! I think Ulogs are a great excuse for people to journal and celebrate!

@ulog is exciting platform ..read different story and smile. But not as interesting as Steemchurch.. every Article on Steemchurch is a blessing.

Steem is your chronical of past, present and future.

You've said it all. No matter how good or bad your day is, whatever you want to share, then ulog it.

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Great post

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wow, Still amused. @surpassinggoogle & @sirknight are Friends. Two great men working in hand only means the best for the growth of Ulog and STEEMCHURCH.

As a member of the #STEEMCOURT team. Does it mean that every #Ulog post could use the #STEEMCHURCH tag ??

Your my idol sirknight since you too are the founder of team Australia...

You are right @sirknight... . @surpassinggoogle is one of a kind....his the brain behind the introduction of #ulog ..........
#ulog is a wonderful tag which enable all and sundry to express what is going around and in their lives on a daily basis, you don't need to be fluent in English while writing....it enable us to be real and original.....
This #ulog will also enables those that are afraid of committing grammatical blunder to embrace this opportunity and become an #ulogger

Will bitcoin go 3k?
Yesterday i bought 1 bitcoin and it crashed :(

Probably. So buy Steem instead. 😂

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I see the ulog section in trending well im very new on steemit and now i would definitely plan to write a blog and use the popular tag ulog. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle

hello sirknight excellent news thanks for keeping us informed

It's informative & interesting.