MY FIRST ULOG POST : A typical day in a cashew warehouse

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I am extremely delighted to write my first ulog post. Actually I'm drawing inspiration from the post I read recently and decided to do my own piece that is to tell the world about my day,(work).
I got to learn that ulog is all about YOU. That is putting yourself in the spotlight by sharing your daily life activities with the rest of the world. A very good friend of mine @nathanmars said to me "Think about what you want to learn, learn it in front of others.
Pay attention to what others are not sharing.
Look for voids that you can fill with your own efforts."
I thought about what he said and said to myself why not start by sharing your today activity to the world hence I decided to show the world using pictures what's is like working in a cashew/cocoa company.
Let me introduce myself once again
Hi world it's me again @sirdeza.

I'm currently stationed in cashew warehouse so my post today is going to be based on cashew

This is done after the cashew have been processed, standardized and ready to be haul out, it's done to create space in the warehouse.
This is the arrangement of the bag in order it will be haul out, each lots contains 341 bags weighing 81kg (international standards).
At the beginning of the laying, we start with
IMG_20180530_120053.jpgblockstacking to prevent the bags from falling.

**The processing **
I might not really explain in details how it's been done cause I'm not even a week old in the industry Lolz.

Sun Drying
Today we were lucky to have good sunshine and we successfully dried 150bags.
Mehn this boys are strong.
This is the process of picking out the bad seeds, the once that have germinated etc.
After picking out the bad once, this is use to filter sand and other unwanted things
Moisture content

After exposing the seeds to hours of good sunlight the seed is tested also before its is ready. The international standard is 8.0 below
oops this batch needs more sun
we always try to get 7.0below just to me sure. Yes it's an extra cost but it's better to be safe than sorry.

This is the process of measuring each bag to meet the international standard of 81kg (1kg bag weight )

So my work here is to maintain the books (records) assist them and supervise the whole process. I'm learning new things and will be sharing it with you guys.IMG_20180530_134806.jpg
Thanks guys.
I'm here because of you.
Oga boss @surpassinggoogle i salute you sir

Happy new month

And this month happens to make me 1year on steemit wow..!!

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Saludos, gracias por compartir tu post con nosotros, éxito.

This is lovely. Keep it up mate


Absoultely amazing brother and I really think its a wonderful post.

You're sharing something unique and I'm certain people around the world want to see "what's is like working in a cashew/cocoa company"

Keep it coming and I've faith in you :)

I will try my best boss

Greetings, sirdeza! Wish you a very happy journey here in this loving and caring community :) Enjoy!!

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Boss i sight u. My own HOD

Hi, You have made a good contribution to steemit.

I never knew cashew business is this big

Thank you.

I upvoted and followed you; kindly follow me and we can help each other become successful.

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Great piece bro, weldon


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