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After a week of rest I tried one more sketch, as you know I’m a fashion lover and I cannt keep myself far from fashion and new trend for long time. I thought to create one more sketch. I was thinking the sketch would take time to draw but unexpectedly I could draw the figure in one attempt and this came out fabulous, I guess😊.

I’m really happy to make this sketch as it came the way I wanted it. This time I tried to cover whole drawing book page as fashion illustration are always have little extra height like models have with full figure.

I also illustrate face structure with extra effort, so that my model face look attractive like her cloths.

(This is how I made it first with my magical pencil)
I have drawn blue jeans and white shirt because white shirt never go out of style and always in trend, also white shirt is every girl’s favourite in this romantic and pleasing weather and I drew hat too, so that my fashion illustration look stunning and stylish.

Hope my efforts will not go in vain and you guys would like my sketch this time too. Your support is only making me improve day by day. Thank you so much everyone..😘

Thanks for liking and reading my post till the next post, hopefully soon😉


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Not really stunning but this is much better and beautiful than before, keep up the good work.. Design and draw more, something from your idea, be brave to try unusual pattern... Practices made perfect, and don't think being perfect👍👌

Thanks for your genuine comment, I’m going to try more sketch designs and post soon. Stay blessed

cute one :)

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