Should we...(Video Game Hacks)

in ulog •  12 days ago 

Write about game hacks Larry made and other video game stuff, since having truth filled articles, tarot readings, and art is so uninteresting to you? Larry has several game hacks he made that he could share, if anyone was interested. We could do articles about that topic forever and a day. At least not making money off of that topic would make sense, as, we couldn't legally make money off of a game hack anyway. May as well. If you had your choice of doing 2 things that didn't make money but, one was more fun than the other? What would you choose?

Shoot, we could even write strategy guides on how to beat RPG's with a single character party. Which Larry has also done several times. Would that be more interesting? To me, it is fucked up that gamers with Youtube channels that are nothing them beating games make more money that shamanistic healer or truth teller makes. Which is absolutely nothing. Society values video games more than truth and healing. Am I the only one sickened by this?

Much Love.

Lucy Sage Dreamtree

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