Steem Logo Artworks for #Ulog

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Hello Dear Steem Lovers!

Steem is one of the most popular Cryptocurrency in the World. Nowadays people could be more attracted on it. In present chart Ripple's position in 3rd place. It is highly competition with All. So Steem Tried to beat it actually.

As a result, Since Last week the Price of Steem is highly increased.. So this is the best news for All Steemit User. Hope we'll get a better roll by using Steemit.

In this Logo Artwork I had created a lovely view of Steem Coin . I think everyone will surprised to see my Artworks. I am hardly waiting for your response.. I'm also so much excited to see the response of All Powerful Steemians. Now let's see what thay will do.

The New Steemit logo Artwork :-


I need more SBD to improve myself. I'm sure that the powerful steemians are so much kindly. Hope so they'll help me to grow up. For this Artwork I need 2 Steem Dollars only. I think anyone will so much impressed to see the design. Curiously waiting for the crushed.

If anyone will want to support me, then you can delegate me your valuable SP.. Amount is not a big fact. If anyone will give me 5 SP delegate it'll be the best gift for me. If you want to suggest me anything for my growing up then please comment below the post.

I have made it by myself. I think everyone will attracted on my artworks. This is so much eye-catching at all. So I think everyone will like my design and take it for themselves :D

Thanks to everyone for being with me.. Stay happy and Take care of yourself.. Happy with the Steemit Community..

Stay with me for more Artworks. i want to do something awesome for you.

Specially Thanks to




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