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An extroverted introvert.

If you are like me you only have a finite amount of energy to give to the world each day before you feel like you are running on empty with nothing left for yourself. I'm what most people would refer to as an extroverted introvert. You may be saying to yourself wait that doesn't even make any sense. Let me explain.

While I am an introvert at heart I also do very well in social settings. My family was shocked to find out from my close friends that I'm often the life of the party since they know me as a laid-back guy who prefers deep conversation over small talk. Some may refer to this as being an ambivert.

Ambivert definition:
a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.

More specifically here are some reasons why I consider myself to be an extroverted introvert:

  • My energy level is usually based upon my environment.
  • I'm quite selective on the people I get close to so my circle of friends is very small.
  • Most people would call me quiet, but that's only because I'm not really interested in "small talk" even though I understand its value in certain situations.
  • I need my alone time in order to recharge after socializing with groups of people.
  • I find it easy to make friends, but difficult to maintain those friendships over long periods of time.

With these personality traits I've learned over time that I really have to pay close attention to how I am expending my energy or I can become quite grumpy. Overextending myself usually ends up biting me in the ass. So to prevent this from happening I do my best to budget my energy on a daily basis.

Are you budgeting your energy?

This may sound like an abstract concept for some of you. Why should I be worried about my energy output? If you are like me and have goals set for yourself then you should be very in tune with where you are distributing your energy (time).

Once you begin to question where your energy is going you will notice there is a close correlation with time. Are you prioritizing your energy towards the things that matter the most? If you are unsure then begin tracking your time for a couple of weeks to see where your energy is going.

Categories may include, but are not limited to things like:

  • Work
  • Family Time 👪
  • Sleep
  • Hobbies
  • Personal Time
  • Steemit 😁

Now ask yourself if you are spending time on things that you value. If not make the necessary adjustments. For myself I know that my energy can be drained quickly by other people so I make sure to have enough "me" time to offset that deficit.

Once you have built an energy budget do your best to follow it and I guarantee you will feel better. My advice would be to remove things from your life that steal your energy (specific people, the news, etc..) and replace it with things that provide you with energy (favorite music, time with family, personal hobbies). Those short and long term goals you have set for yourself will feel like they are getting closer to completion now that your energy is more focused. Your energy (time) is valuable so use it wisely.

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I always have too much going on. I definantly need to work on this! I get caught up working on things that actually are not that important to me.


I've been having to work on this myself which was my motivation for writing about it. It's surprising how much energy we waste each week on things that have no real value in our lives.

I need to start writing out my goals again so that they are well defined and not just ideas in my head.

An interesting and well written assessment @ross-early. Have a happy day.


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Man you are the best! It is very much appreciated. I'll put all of it to good use.

I love this! Over the past week or so I have been trying to do the same and figure out how to balance my energy. Well written and on point. Thank you for sharing!


Glad to hear that you are currently working on this. Thanks for stopping by.

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a suitable post for Steemit and by Steemit I mean me.
family time=Steemit
sleep=not-Steemit but we'll see if we can change that
personal time=Steemit
Steemit=not quite sure but it moved in and now it lives here.


Haha I'm sure this is the case for a lot of people on here.

This is interesting. I have never thought of this in terms of my energy. I always look at it as lost time but the idea of energy is a good one. I know that I have had to access where my efforts are being out and cut out lots of different things to make room for others. Priorities are important and you don’t want to waste time. Time is energy and lost time is wasted energy.


Exactly. Wasted energy doesn't help you get any closer to accomplishing those things on your list of priorities. Which means fantasy football better be at the top if you want to win the championship this year haha.