RE: #Ulog (12) - Humans Have Limitations In Understanding the Meaning of Life

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#Ulog (12) - Humans Have Limitations In Understanding the Meaning of Life

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Hello @aglosteem :) Happy Wednesday BeautyFull!

Life is how we perceive and reflect to get the meaning and purpose of life as a whole.

When I read this I immediately felt a resonance with "seek and ye shall find". It is so true that energy flows where our attention goes, and it serves us best when we take a look at the bigger picture/higher view from different angles, allowing us to grow as the Divine intended <333

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and life experience with us all. Much Love and Happy #Ulogging!

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mutual respect and affection between fellow human beings. Living in harmony is done at home, school, and community. In the home environment, living in harmony is done between family members. In family members there are parents and children. Parents love children.

thank you,@reiki-trail


<333 Love <333 Thank you again @aglosteem. Hugs!


Thanks you


My pleasure dear :) Much Love!