My #ulog- Enjoying with Kids While taking Bath in Hot Weather.

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Hello my fellow Steemians and #uloggers,! Welcome to my ulog
Here I am sharing some random shots my brother taken with his mobile samsung note-5. now a days there is too much hot in our country, temperature goes above 46 C. The life is very difficult here due to hot weather and electricity load shedding. so mostly people take bath several times to get rid off from hot. yesterday I am also taking open shower in my house with kids and enjoying this activity. so I would like to share these pictures as representing my entry for #ulog which is initiated by great @surpassinggoogle. I am also a big fan of Terry, who do a countless efforts for the community and always introduce many promotive project for Steem Community.





All Pics taken my Brother with his Samsung Note-5 and then I received via Messenger.

That's all for now guys. Thank you for stopping by. See you on my next blog babye...
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Wow your enjoying bathing together with the happy kids

So good a sight to're the dad of the year.

My regards to your cute kids, what are their names?


Thanks @kemikay for your compliment, rabeel is may daughter and other two ( Eessa & Moosa) are my nephews.


Oh wow....such beautiful names.