My #Ulog entry 9 - Making a liutenitza with my grandmother

in ulog •  5 months ago

Yesterday me and my father go to our village Chargan (about 10 km from my hometown Yambol) to help my grandmother for preparing a liutenitza.


Liutenitza is nutritional product traditional for the Bulgarian cuisine. It is preparing from the following ingredients - tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, carrots and spices. You can learn more details for this process from here

When we arrived, my gradmother was prepared all required things for begining the process - jars for filling it with the product, caps, fresh vegetables required for the recipe. You can see all of this from the following images.






The first step was to melt peppers with the machine.


Very sorry for the bad quality of the last image. It was hard to make this shot because my right hand was busy to put peppers into the machine and I had to make a very fast shot with my free hand. The result shot is not good but I had no time to make better. It is really hard to work and to make shots at the same time. But you see enough from the shot to understand for what I am speaking of.

After the peppers was melting, we put it to the tank






After this we just fil the jars and then put them on the tank again, this time to boil them and to get close better.

In the end the result was like it shown on the next photo. The liutenitza become very delious and we done very good work. It was one very good family day. Thank you very much for stopping by my friends. I hope you like this little story.


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