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I had my first bubble tea with my friend @florizdemayo after we had dinner at Phat Pho in Robinson's Cybergate. I had the matcha flavored milk tea with black pearls and 'zero' for sweetness level and I loved it! Am not sure about the zero sweetness level but my drink wasn't sweet except for the black pearls. My friend ordered a wintermelon special with chocolate pudding at 25% sweetness level. For me, I prefer the zero sweet if I already have add-ons to my tea just because I don't like sweetened tea.


Matcha Flavored Milk Tea

I have been ordering Bubble Tea through Food Panda almost every day now except for one day when we went to Dakasi at Ayala mall to try their milk tea since Chatime had a long line and we couldn't find any Bubble Tea Station.

At Dakasi ordered the charcoal roasted milk tea and I had the matcha red bean milk tea.

Neither of us liked what he ordered, I couldn't taste the roasted milk tea nor the charcoal (LOL). Was I supposed to taste the charcoal like a real charcoal? No idea, lol. The roasted milk tea was bland, my partner was quite upset and he didn't finish his drink. My drink was okay, it a had a matcha flavor but I was looking for more of it.

I did enjoy the red beans in it, it reminds me of the red bean ice cream I had in Thailand and I hope to find a red bean ice cream in Cebu. (If you know where to get one, please let me know and I'll owe that as a favor). ;D


I have to say that the Bubble Tea Station's matcha and other tea are way better than Dakasi plus they deliver free through Food Panda.


I like using their service and it's easy to track your order. Hopefully, this won't last a long time coz I have to spend extra time at the gym to burn extra calories, lol.


Caramel Latte and Dark Chocolate


Oreo Latte and Hokkaido

Their drink cost from 85php (1.57usd) to 120php (2.22 usd). So far I tried different flavors; matcha, dark chocolate, oreo latte, caramel latte, hokkaido (milk tea toasted caramel), hazelnut latte and today I ordered the honeydew.

My favorite flavors are matcha and the hazelnut latte. Am satisfied with the flavor and I enjoy chewing the pearls at the end. I wonder how long till I get bored of this drink or maybe not? LOL

How about you? What's your favorite tea-based drink?

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I should try it one day



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Hahaha. ma aadict kapa kay meada na parahatod hehe, meada liwat ak food panda. waray pa ak pakatilaw hit.hehehe

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ano man kay addict na haha

Hi ms. @purepinay...

I never tried the Bubble station yet.... But with flavor I love Caramel Latte...

Have a great day.... 😊😘

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Oh you should try it sometimes. Their caramel latte is also good, you can really get the caramel taste from it. I suggest just get it with zero sweetness level coz you don't want to get sugar drunk after you finish the whole thing 😀


Hehehehehhe thank you so much Ms. Gilaine.... 😊😊😘

Wow - hopefully they'll head over to the UK sometime soon... we're still stuck in the Darjeeling vs Earl Grey dark ages over here.....

I'm sure that'll change.

Nice photos.

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There should be a bubble store in your area, think. It's popular all over Asia so am sure somebody must have opened up a milk tea place. If not, you should start it then, it'll be a good business to put up especially if you don't have any competition. Lol

I had Earl Grey's tea but now I ran out of it and went back to the same grocery store to get the chamomile and lavaveender yellow and they don't have sell it for months now. 😣
That's one thing I hate about shopping here. They'll have it one time and they won't have it for months or even years! Tsktsk

I have different brand of teas so I can don't get bored of it so easy. I wonder how long till I get bored of these milk teas haha

My two daughters love Bubble Tea. It's actually a lot more common in the United States then it used to be. We don't have the sweetness level though which would be nice. Thanks for posting

I wanna try it someday sis:)
charcoal, mukhang masarap:)
stay beautiful sis. Rock n roll.
Take care always

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I didn't like the charcoal sis. Maybe if add more charcoal flavor so you can really get the flavor, I would have probably enjoyed it. It gave me really bad gas too. The bubble tea station milk tea I better, it's not as sweet coz you can change the sweetness level and I can really taste the different flavors.

Thanks sis. Ingat lagi sa byahe 😘

Hello friend @purepinay, a pleasure to read you again, those teas look good presentation, although as you say the flavors may not be very delicious, I'm very simple with tea, I like all that have lemon, cold or hot.
PS: I also love ULOG.
Happiness always.


Hi dear. Nice to see you again 😊

I had fresh lemon ice tea and warm lemon tea, and I liked too. I only get it at one of my favorite restaurant. It's hard to find a really good tea at affordable price.

Some cafes charge 1 tea bag that you can buy at the grocery store and you get the whole box and might have 10-12 tea bags in it or you can go to a cafes that doesn't have good ambiance and bad service. 😕


Excellent that you found your ideal tea place. It's always good to have locations for our favorite foods. I moved out of town and it's hard when you want or need to eat out and you don't know where to go.
A hug.

Hello @purepinay, I'm relatively new to steemit and I also like ulog, an initiative of the friend of all @surpassinggoogle that motivates us to be creative. I like lemon tea, although I'm more a friend of coffee and chocolate. Congratulations and blessings.

I got that one too @purepinay! I somehow love it but I don't understand its taste.


Haha I think they do that on purpose so you keep buying it!

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