#ULOG no. 20: "Lola's Girl/Grandma's Girl" (My Written)

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I born in this world that your beside of my mother
When I start to recognize the world you're the one who always by my side
As I wake up in the morning and open my eyes your the first person I see
I grow up with your guidance and learn to be love without exchange
You love me at my best and you love me more at my worst

In every years past I can't live without you
Wherever you go I want to be with you
I see the true happiness by your unselfish love
You love me more than yourself and own me like you own daughter
I hurt you so many times but your still by my side
You keep teaching me the good morals and be a good girl
I growing up spoiled by your never ending love

Your the strongest person I ever know
The powerful protector of mine when anybody hurts me
Your the first person introduce God to me
We go to church every sunday even we have only money back in fourth
You give me everything as you can just to make me happy

Everyday I tell you that you don't leave me and will be forever by my side
My one wish is only that your by my side when I build my own family
But so sad you don't see me build it and more sad you don't see your grandchild with me
But always in my mind those words that if ever you go and gone to this world
You will be watching over me and guide me wherever I go

My heart so broken into pieces when your gone and will be forever not complete anymore
I love you lola, I miss you everyday, I miss those times, those smile, those hug and kisses
I miss everything a lot from you and very regret those heartaches I given to you when you was still alive
For not caring you 100% when you was sick and all I can say I'm forever sorry to that until I die

The more my age added the more I realize that those you thought me in the past is really true and can only stop one moment and say to myself "Lola You have right, you really have right"
I know I can't back the time but all you teach me will be forever keep in my heart
And I'm sorry that I'm not a strong woman to face all the struggle
Even you teach me to be a fighter and a strong woman
All I can say "I love you Grandma" and thank you for your true love.

-Dedicated to my grandma :* <3

"I learn a lot from the past so fellow steemian when you have still grandma please love them more than they need give them care 100% so in the end you will not regret like what I feel, I envy you that you have still so do the best to make them happy everyday" :)

Just missing so much my Grandma so I share about this that I'm a proud lola's girl :)

P.s: Fellow steemian maybe you know any contest I can join to earn any SBD? SO I can join and maybe will be lucky and win any. :) is a big help for me because I really need it.
Thank you!.

Godbless you all fellow steemian!


I grow up with my grandmother too

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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

When I start to recognize the world your the one who always by my side.
It should be you're the instead of your the.

You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

When I start to recognize the world your the one who always by my side.
It should be you're the instead of your the.

Thank you for correction :) Godbless!