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It has been raining again this weekend.
I has been two days
it sounds like I am off #steem.
Not really I do look for stories
I comment and keep on appreciating
all my dear followers for their great stories.

I was asked as a good steemian to participate
in a variety of special blog.
This time @oredebby is doing it really good and
Why not jump in and write my seven days blogs about it.
where she pushes the challenge to me.
The pic she uses is very nice.
Look at that smile.
I am gathering my pics cause I need seven of them.
It will be a plus for all.
I will ask some of my fellows steemians over #steemschools to participate.
It will help more and more steemians to see
the most important thing is participate.


I was cooking today.
I mean little cooking cause I already show that
I love food.
This one will be a sheperd pie.
I prepped everything from scratch.
I will share the pic soon.
Got to say it, thanks to all steemians for pushing me
Specially for @exyle, cause he is always cooking
and I like the way he presented his dishes.


I mentioned that on the last couple posts that I will

try to get my car wash again.
The owner told me to get the monthly plan.
I had that plan already but I could not keep it.
Actually I do not need it.

I was paying fairly $15 monthly.
But I rarely go wash my car in a month then.

I was impressed with that story by @bullishmoney.
It is very good and the buzz is all over the internet.
Glad I followed him and seek his advise cause he is a writer
not just in #steem.

If you go to Presearch on telegram, they are happy about the story.
Storiqa is promoting their website as well.
I will follow these coins closely.

No matter what you do
keep the almighty to guide your path
cause he is the only way through.
We all know everything on earth is humanly temporary.
Keep on stressing to team work
Keep on steemin'



Join me in Discord
so we can discuss more about the biz aspect of #steem in #steemschools



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Awwwww Pouchon you always have a way of making me smile always. Thanks for the honourable mention. I'm really blushing right now. Lol
Happy Sunday to you


We all need each other to move ahead in #steem.
Glad that you think of me.
I do the same, I even look for you.
Thank you for always hanging around. #smiles


Awwww thats so sweet to hear.
Been wanting to talk to you on discord. Please check your messages

Thanks for sharing such a innovative idea

Everywhere is wet here too. It has been raining everyday for some days now


For me it has happened for the last three weeks.
Flash flood is possible in that case.
Hurricane season started June first.
Plenty for summer if you take into account last year.

you can wash your car yourself if you want it takes like 30 mins. :p


I could try to but time is against me and I have to go somewhere to do that.
Thanks for the advise.
Thanks again