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Makes you want to cry but such is the life of a #woman.
Most men have one thing on their minds .
Unless you are isolated or


with friends that are showing #respect for each other
you won't get more from life.


#Steemit surprises most of us and shows little love for good content from
#minnows to #dolphins to most #whales . . .
unless you're a few of the #bully whales.

cat divider.gif

I put these pictures in Creative Commons Attribution so . . .


#steemians give me credit and you can use them. E N J O Y !


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very certain words and always fascinating your gif

Thanks for the gifs, they are incredible :D

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A wink to the 100% human graphic. Whats your name?

Happy Monday I hope you have found some time to enjoy the nice weather.

My plants have been enjoying it so much. Some of the peppers are going crazy!

There is a Steemit clone out there many are messing around on. Let me know if you are still around and kicking.