GOLF JAM FOR A MY FRIEND @sunnylife - ULOG (002)

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I want to tell you about my friend @sunnylife, I will refer to her as Sunny for this blog. I had started on Steemit 5 months before Sunny, meaning I met Sunny perhaps one year ago. I found Sunny's blog and she wrote some amazing stories. Some were about her Steemit journey, and she called herself "the village girl lost in the Steemian forest." I loved her stories, and I commented. You need to know - Sunny is the friendliest person you will ever meet and we quickly became friends. Soon after this she began calling me Papa Bear, and I liked it. Sunny seems to know the language of happiness.

Sunny knows how to make people feel happy and loved. She has a special way that makes you feel cared for. And to be honest, Sunny really does care. Please understand, Sunny has an amazing hubby and beautiful son. Sunny also works and travels allot, so she has limited time. But she seems to always have the time to make her friends feel special. As one of her good friends, I honestly believe Sunny has mastered the ability to love unconditionally.

One more thing I should mention, Sunny puts others first. This is a rare quality that makes it so wonderful to be her friend. And Sunny can brighten up the darkest day, she shines so amazingly bright!! Once you have met Sunny, you understand her Steemit name fits her perfectly.

I want to speak for myself and the wonderful #gratefulvibes community:

We love you @sunnylife!!

This Golf Jam is for @sunnylife

Thanks @surpassinggoogle for the wonderful #ulog tag idea!!

Thanks for visiting, have an awesome day!!

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This is my favorite post of the day and I totally agree with you, @sunnylife is awesome! :D
You have great taste in music, I love ABBA! :D Where did your shot land? I couldn't see it, but wasn't sure if it was because my eyes are bad or because it didn't get caught on the camera. :D
God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

Thanks so much, Frosty, miss you and the gang:)
You can request one ABBA song too.
I was shy to ask papa bear where the ball landed hehe
I'm sure it was a good one as always:)
Have a lovely weekend Frosty!! xoxo

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You're welcome, Sunny, I miss our Tuesday chats on Discord. I hope Discord likes me this Tuesday so I can catch up on everyone. :D
I love ABBA, I don't know if I could pick just one song to request, LOL. :D
Its the OCD in me, I had to ask because it would have bothered me not knowing, LOL. :D Now we all know where it landed. :D
I hope your weekend is fabulous, fun, and full of family and friends. :D
Sending you and your fantastic family hugs, love, and positive vibes. :D
God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

Yep ! Sunny is one of a kind!! Love her so much!!
Sunny chose the Music Jam!! It was a perfect selection!!
My shot came up a bit short and left. I had an easy pitch from there to the green.
You have an awesome day as well!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

i totally agree with you papa bear , i really found a true friend with @sunnylife and i love her sooo much , she's my sister in and out steemit.
you are sooo sweet too papa bear , and i am very grateful too , to have met you both , i love you guys!! and missing you much!!! @paradise-found ❤️❤️❤️

Sunny is one of a kind.
Thanks Zephie for your love at GV Family!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

so sweet sis, miss you!
hope all is well. xoxo
love u more muaa
stay beautiful!

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I’m blessed to met @sunnylife in this platform.. i only knew her for 3 months ( since i joined steemit this March ),.. knowing her for 3 months it seems i know her for more than a year.. she is friendly , sweet and caring .. grateful and thankful to meet you @sunnylife

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Yep - my feeling exactly!!

Thank you Sir ..
God bless you,, your family and your ministry ..

aww so sweet sis.
thanks a lot. You are amazing too sis.
Thanks for the friendship.
loveyeah always xoxo

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Thank you Sis..😍😍😍

I loved her stories @paradise-found

thansk a lot:)

So touching're very blessed beacause you've met a true friend.

thanks so much sis:)
He's our loving papa bear!

Our papa bear😊

yes, that's correct:)

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Following you my new friend!!
Have you joined the #gratefulvibes discord community?

So nice friendship.... I like it.

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Thanks a lot.
He is the best!! Our Papa bear:)
We love him xoxo

Beautiful friendship, there is nothing more beautiful than having a good friend.

Agree with you:)
He's the coolest Papa bear in the Steemian Forest:)

True. Very friendly and also a free person you can talk to. Thanks @sunnylife for being simple.

Thanks too my broda:) how are you?
Always good to see you.

Doing well and good. How is your baby

thanks a lot
he is good growing fast:)

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Papa Bear found me lost, wandering, hungry, homeless in the Steemian Forest. He taught me how to hunt food and guided was not an easy journey but he is always there for us...#gratefulvibes family.
We love you Papa bear!
You are the best! This is a very touching #ulog.
love lots,
bug hugsss xoxo

I'm very grateful for your friendship Sunny.
I love you - you are the best!!
Please thank your wonderful hubby for sharing you with all of Steemit!!
Big Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

love you more papsi:)
Thanks for everything.
I'm truly grateful.
Love the #golfjam!
hugs xoxo

You called it!! ABBA ~ Dancing Queen!! PERFECT GOLF JAM!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Oh yeah!! love it papsi!
bug hugsss xoxo

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@sunnylife is a kindhearted person. I remember the times she welcomed me. :)

She is amazing!!

Sunny is apt for her. Her words of mitivation and encouragement are a ray of sunshine. She sheds new perspective of things through her photos. Keep shining on, @sunnylife!

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No one shines brighter than Sunny!!
Thanks!! Bear Hugs!!

thanks a lot.
have a great day!

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Awww. How sweet. Love you both <3

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One LOVE! you are next :):)
love u more!!

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One love:)
You are next sis.
Love you more xoxo

She is super sweet!! Love you too!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Thank you for your story on Sunny
You are really enjoying your retirement

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Papa bear is the best!
Thanks for dropping by.
Have a lovely day @slowwalker

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Thanks my friend!!
Sunny is so inspirational and shines so bright!!
I'm very happy to share about Sunny!!
Indeed, the first three years of retirement have gone quickly and have been awesome!!

So sweet @papa-bear, keep being you @sunnylife!

thank so much!
papa bear is the best!

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Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Wow! So sweet of you papa bear. I totally agree of what you've said papa bear. 😀
She is a sunny that shines to everyone's life. 😀😘
I miss you both @paradise-found and @sunnylife.
And I thank you both for everything. xoxoxo

  ·  last year (edited)

aww so sweet kaagyo hihii
you can request sis:)
chikaness soon hihi
thanks too sissy xoxo

Thank you my dear friend!!
Sunny shines bright, and puts warm smiles on those around her!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Totally agree with you papa bear. Big hugs.xoxoxo

Yey! Amissyou sissy! 😀😘 Chikaness soon. Hahaha.

I seconded papa bear, @sunnylife is really a beautifyl person inside and out. I'm very honored to have known her and she helps me a lot in my journey here in Steemit. She became my big sister who always there to show some love, care and support.... I'm glad I found my way to @gratefulvibes dicord and met her, you and other part of the gratefulvibes family....
Love you all and thank you for everything <3
God bless you both papa bear @paradise-found ...

thanks jelly miss our chika's
thanks for your friendship:)
luvyeah! don't give up gora!
we arelucky to have PAPA BEAR here In Steemit.

Love you @jennybeans!!
Sunny is exactly as her name says - Sunny Life.
She shines bright, and puts warm smiles on everyone's face!!
I'm really grateful to meet you Jenny!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

I agree with you regarding @sunnylife being one of the friendliest person here at steemit 😊😊😊Photo_1527706682838.png

Thanks so much Sir.
God bless always
Have a good day xoxo

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What a beautiful place for golf! Do you play golf?

Yep, I play golf. I shot the video on the golf course.
In do Golf Jam posts. In these posts, I select a Jam request and play a shot while playing thre music in the background. I have done many of these. Check my blog you will enjoy watching them. very touching story about sis @sunnylife ....😀👍💖w

Sunny is the best!! Thanks for visiting!!

thanks so much sis.
have a good day