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RE: # ulog : Stomach Pain

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Hello @leahlie!
How do you feel? I hope you are much better and even more every day!
You must have spent several difficult hours while the pain subsided.
Try to take good care of yourself and follow all the medical advice and, above all, a lot of peace and quiet so that you can recover completely.
A hug and get better soon!


I appreciate this @palomot!😄❤ Thank you very much!😊 I can still feel the pain but not as often as it was the other day. I may need to complete the 2 weeks medication to be completely relieved. Hopefully after 2 weeks everything's ok, if not I will visit my doctor again. greatly appreciate this!😙🤗

I'm glad to know that you're a more relieved!
I hope that each day the relief is greater and that the time of the treatment will help you to recover completely.
Take care and my best regards!! ❀🌹🌻

Thank you very much @palomot! The medicine relieves the pain and I am also praying for continuous recovery. Take care! :) ♥

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