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Hi great people, welcome to another ulog session with me where I dish out how my day went, thanks to surpassinggoogle for the #ulog initiative.

I woke up very early this morning cos I have to prepare for CDS as executives we are expected to be there an hour before meeting for executives meeting, I am not sure other CDS does that sha.

I dressed on time and headed to board bike, that was where my assistant drama director called to tell me she won't be able to attend CDS because she is seriously sick, I was surprised but relayed the message to other excos.

imagewhen I was going to CDS meeting

CDS was awesome, I was happy my Aeschylus people performed well, they delivered their poems well and I only had to teach diction and few other things anyways its not their thing before...

The CDS rehearsal was actually very long that we finished around 2pm because of thorough preparation for NYSC Director General Competition (North West) that we had been rehearsing for since last one year but had been shifted every now then, now the date is confirmed.

After the rehearsal, I was very tired and just went home to rest I checked my time and saw it was minutes to 3pm then I remembered praise team rehearsal by 2pm in church, honestly u had to skip it, relaxed a lil because I know there is still service at NCCF fellowship by 3:40pm in the evening and I need attend.

imagewhen I was going to fellowship


Yippppe! It was time... I freshen up and headed to fellowship till late this evening, ate and relaxing now....

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