ULOG: 19 | Been Focused in Playing LaserChain and Forgot to Open my Mails

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This will be a quick #ulog post, I was kinda busy at the moment.


This was the image of my base in LaserChain.io taken last Friday

I have been playing this gamesince Friday (See post here) and I was really hooked. Earning while playing was a really do come true to a person like me who still don't have a job, but I just want to be clear I wasn't still getting anything from this game. I was still making my base more stable, a typical way of playing strategy based game.

Being really hooked up in the game, I didn't get a chance to have a peek on my gmail.


As you can see a bunch of emails was not been opened since August 31, the day when I started playing LaserChain.io

Also there are number of emails that giving me some open positions, I was very thankful that no one ask or scheduled me for an examination or interview. I would be very sad if that happened, allowing an opportunity to pass on my hands

It seems that my Coins.Ph account's selfie verification was been verified the same day I send my selfie and identification verification. It only took a couple of hours and now I was ready to make a withdrawal anytime, unlike the last time where I make my Coins.Ph account a load retailing station See Post here

So I think I need to head out now
I was still playing LaserChain at the moment
Hoping you all #uloggers and #steemians all the best!

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