ULOG 02: Stretch Monday ...

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Its #StretchMonday !!!
On Instagram yogis have this #StretchMonday challenge to stretch out of the weekend into the new week with snapshots of different poses.
I already shared with you in one of my previous posts the importance of stretching.
will be sharing the poses i had with my 8year old student for #StretchMonday
Wide legged Forward fold

We both love practising this pose, because it is fun and it stretches the back at the same time releasing tension around the thighs and legs.
Which gets the whole body ready for other poses.


Seated Foward Fold

This is a bit intense, because it stretches the hands, legs, inner thighs and shoulders all at the same time, this is exactly what #StretchMonday is all about...
Remember, every human needs to stretch...no matter how little!

For your time.


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