#Ulog No. 31 A walk round my school farm......

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Once again fellow esteemed steemians. I feel so excited like an electron right now sharing this with you all.
The location is still that small village called kafanchan in Kaduna state Nigeria west Africa. Now away from school, I'll be doing something different for the next few days here. Though I am going to miss those fascinating, mind blowing, and exciting moments with My kids (pupils). But hey! It's all for good. Besides, the holidays will only last for about 6 weeks.
Today meyself and my colleagues decided to take a little walk round the school farm to see how the crops are doingIMG_20180803_101059.jpg

. Well. I can tell you that they are doing just fine....
May be you should have a look....

       The Rice farm.  

This is the Rice plantation. Rice is one food consumed in almost every part of the world. It provides our bodies with bodies with carbohydrates.IMG_20180803_103628.jpg

After going round the Rice plantation, we finally came to the fish pond....

    Fish pond

It's really wonderful observing aquatic life. Even though we don't have whales, but we could see planktons and orcas in the pond.... IMG_20180803_125729.jpg

Thanks for Reading through guys....

It's your boy @natdisciple

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Glad to see you, Bro

I feel so excited like an electron right now sharing this with you all.

This got me cracking

I see you too my brother....


That's cool buddy, those are cat fishes I think.. are they okay? Seems they're just too much in one pond..

Naaaaaaaa.... Its time to eat..... They are happy swiming up and down