#Ulog No. 23 (All about today)

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OK fellow esteemed steemians.....
I am so happy to do this here again. I appreciate every one of you for the love and support shown to me on my lost #ulog. ( #ulog no 22). I love you all...

On Wednesday 4th July, 2018. I came to school a bit late, and by then the assembly was over and all the kids ( pupils ) have already matched into their classes. When I just entered the class, the kids jumped in excitement and highly delighted; the fact that I was able to make it to school.

They all shouted "uncle, we are so happy you are here". Then I replied " it's OK kids, I am so happy to see you as well.... How are your parents? Hope they are fine?. Sorry I came late, I was caught up in something very important. But the good thing is I am here now."
Then one of the pupils out of curiosity asked " Uncle, what could be the reason why you came late?". Then I replied " my younger sister was feverish, so, I had to Rush her to the hospital first before coming to school to meet you all ".

Then one of the pupils said " uncle, you value your sister more than us right?". Then I replied " come on sweetheart. why would you say a thing as such?. She is not in any way better than you all. She was just in a very critical condition and demanded much attention before we lost her. Or, do you want us loose her?". They all responded "no".


serve humanity, not family.....

I love you.....

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