#Ulog No. 21 TRUE TALK ( today in school #14)

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 Today in school

With all due respect my fellow #uloggers and steemians in general. I am so delighted to share with you again about all what happened today in my school (class) in particular. The school is located in kafanchan Kaduna state Nigeria West Africa.

It was Monday 02/07/18. The weekend was over, though it was full of fun and exciting moments; but it's time to go back to work and meet my very intelligent and smart kids (pupils). I came to school and I met them, I was happy and they were happy to see me as well.

At about 8:07 am (Nigerian time), we were already sitted in class as I was teaching them about elementary science ( solar system) to be precise. Where I said " the solar system comprises of the sun, it's planets and their moons or satellites as they moves round the sun ( just for their level). Then one of the pupils called Victor (7 years old) said " uncle, what about the stars, they are also up in the sky. Are they not also part of the solar system?". Then I said " well. We are going to learn more about the stars subsequently then you Will find out whether they are part of the solar system or not". Then he said " OK Uncle".

I then continued with the lesson, but I noticed this girl called Precious (8 years old ). She was just quiet and seems not to be following the lesson. So I asked her " Precious, what is troubling you?". Then she said " uncle, I need you to please come to our house tonight". No doubt, it sounded silly but I was curious to know the reason why she want me to come to their house tonight. Then I asked " Precious, why do you say I should please come to your house tonight?".

Then she replied " because my Mumm keeps saying I will be a Star One day, and all stars are up their in the sky. And the sky is filled up with stars and I am still down here. So, I want you to come and help plug down some stars with a long pole so that I can get up there, because I am a star. I don't belong here".

Then I replied " well. My dear, this is not the star your Mumm is talking about, she mean you are going to be just like a star. You will shine, be great, and successful in life, you will be an icon and an idol that lots of people will look up to in life.


what ever goal you set for kids, they can go to any length just to archive it............... Set only positive goals because children are your biggest assets in life.

I love you all....

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