#ULOG39: Captive

in ulog •  17 days ago


This day, I captured a chicken and put it into a cage. Why? It's because it poop on the floor which usually pooping at the veranda hall.

I tried to experiment the behaviour of my pet. I mean the chicken. I felt pity and open the knitted knot. I should let it go. That's what I thought to be.



Anyway, its not about the chicken, it was currently happening to me. I am captive with my own decision in life. I set limitations, do's and dont's, lifestyle itself and having unable to soar high.

Have you been experiencing being in a situation wherein you are scared to do something good for yourself but unable to do so because you might think that your family does not like it? Yes, too funny but I am now 32 years of age. I wanted to let go of it. I want freedom. I want to be free.

It's like moving on to many objects around me that any moment they'll noticed me. But somehow I find it more over-protective just like what I did to the chicken. I was not able to or I did not let myself to step forward or able to decide for myself on what things should I say or do without judgements from me nor for them because whether the decision is wrong, it should have a consequence and to make things put in the right perspective.

Lesson can be learn through committing an action twice or trice because an action consisted of a repeated acts.

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