ULOG 19: More Walks With My Kid

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Sometimes the redundancy of my life gets boring to ULOG about. Sometimes the redundancy is so beautiful I can't help but share.

Ive been more conscious to move my body about more. Its easy for me to be a homebody all day and stay in my little burrow, cuddling and reading with my kids, visiting different Steemit Friends and working on my freelancing. One change I make is walking to the market. I buy my staples maybe once a week, tortillas and beans, other grains, bread, eggs, cheese, milk maybe some juice. The daily veggies and fresh meat means a walk to the market, usually with my middle child in tow.

Today we had a few encounters with women in threes.

The first encounter was with 12-14 year old girls. One of them was talking and her voice was so much older than her person that I couldn't help but stare to make sure that it was her the words were coming from. She was suggesting to her friend that she "get the boys number" to make sure to "get things moving and started."

I couldn't help but think that it was horrible advice. The older I get the more "traditional" or maybe square that I get. If a boy is interested, he will show his interest. "Making things happen" leads to disappointment, and at best, a long life job of "keeping him interested."

I was just walking by then, so eavesdropping is really what I was doing.

The next encounter was with a couple of older girls accompanied by a very irresponsible adult who was having a field day sharing her drama's and stories with the young women. I was sitting with my kid having a drink, and... yes, eavesdropping again. They were talking about the road to college. One of the girls was upset because she wanted to go to "any college except the one she (her mom) picked" because the one her mom picked was "so basic" and "who cares if" she "went to pre-school there."

They were talking emancipation. The Mother according to the teen was just too overwhelmingly controlling and she just wanted out of her grip.

The irresponsible adult fed them stories about how hard she worked to get through to college without any of her parents' help. She was fanning the flames without giving the young women anything but anecdotes, and stories of youth stories past.

I couldn't help but wonder how much of this college this mom was signing up to pay for, and how many connections she had at the place her daughter had been to pre-school at.

Other complaints about the mom included her wanting to meet all the young woman's boyfriends, having an opinion over her hair dresser, and telling her she couldn't buy clothes at a certain store (because they were cheap and had to be replaced often).

After I was done appalling myself over somebody else's problems, I let myself walk hand in hand with my kid, letting her pick the fruit, letting her point at which chicken she wanted the butcher to cut up, and agreeing with her that yes, we do need three instead of two chorizo links for our dinner.

Thank you for reading my ulog today and celebrating the every day ness of my life.


*image is an oldie but goodie compiled using Canva and using the cupcakes that I baked from scratch once upon a time. *

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That's a whole lot is story to take with just a walk to get your groceries. Then, you never know who you'll meet along the way & what stories you can hear.

The behaviour of people is always so intriguing that's it's so interesting

Ah yes... There is much to appreciate in the everyday... And it's so good to allow our kids to make choices! They feel heard and valued! Good for you Mama!

And I've been posting on my daughter's account. Yikes! This is actually @crowbarmama! Lol!

Nice write-up

Sometimes it is nice to hear other people's problems just to give us the idea of how things could be for us if things were different. Then we really look back and reflect upon that, in turn can put a skip in our step and be satisfied with what we are dealt. It sounds bad what I am saying but I hope that it isn't. Just saying that we can get so into our own problems that it can be difficult to see a way out until we realize where we actually stand.
Another thing is that it gives us an inside at how the world is thinking today compared to yesterday. If we see any flaws or negative ways, we can use that as a tool, in a way, to change that for the future and make things better.
Also I could be looking into things a bit too much when reading your post lol. I tend to look too deep sometimes. Sorry if I did :)

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