My Kids Are Getting into the Grocery Store Blackout

in #ulog3 years ago

On the first day they mumbled.

Leftover Spaghetti?

On the second day they begged for Burgers.

You said you would reward me for my grades.
It's "cheap day" we can all eat full meals for $25

On the third day, they got it.

Can I eat my leftover burger for breakfast?


Can I eat cereal for dinner?


Can I eat those leftover chips?


Can I eat this small bag of chips in the back of the pantry?


Do I have to save those cupcakes grandma gave us?


Can I make that cookie think I got for Christmas?


Can I make that box of cookies I made you buy for Christmas and didn't open yet?


Can I eat that frozen mango in the freezer with tajin?


Can we basically eat anything we want?


Mom said we could eat whatever we want!!!

And so the gobbling has started. They are eating all those half opened packages, eyeing all those boxes of treats that only have enough for one kid and somehow dividing them evenly. They are eating all those oranges and apples cause they can sprinkle them with lemon and tajin and don't have to save them for lunch.

They are requesting chilaquiles.

It's ok if you make them without cheese!

They are getting protein, they are getting fresh fruits, and they are happy.

And my pantry still has a long way to go.

But, we are getting to the point where we can see more of the stuff that was "hidden."

And we are realizing which snacks we should never buy again.

Cause you don't really want to eat those peanut butter pretzels do you?

And neither do I.



I'll let them sit there for another while as a reminder not to make me buy stuff they don't really love.

Hope you are doing lovely. Grandma invited us over for dinner today, so our pantry surprises will last that much longer. I think by Monday, I may have to start buying bits and pieces of goods to extend the meals.

But it still won't be a full blown grocery trip.

That probably won't until at least next Friday. Or longer, if I let them eat boxed maac and cheese for dinner.


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Good for you, @metzli, and for the kids as they get into the spirit. This is such a great idea and gives and different perspective.

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