#Ulog | 014: Good morning Philippines!

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Today is July 5, 2018. I wasn't able to post my #ulog last night because I went home late. After going out from work at 5:30PM, I went directly to a local eatery here in our town to meet a highschool friend. We chatted for hours about random stuff. My phone was in the table the whole time but I wasn't checking it. We were just talking. It was a genuine and quality conversation, a very rare moment for me. Haha. I barely have an actual conversation right now, if I'm not busy with paper works, I'm always on my phone. I know, I know, its not healthy. ✌🏻😅

Anyways, I'm focused on finishing up some tasks at work this week. I'm a bit on a panic mode because they just keep coming endlessly. Trying my best to chill, and convince myself that its all gonna be fine, just one task at a time. 🤓 Kaya yan bes! Kalma lang. Kalma lang talaga.

How about you guys? How's life treating you? I hope everything is well. If not, I hope you stay strong. Hang in there, okay? You're gonna be fine. Let's keep a positive attitude despite everything. Fake it til you make it! Haha.

Have a fabulous day! 💚



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It a great ulog

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