Sometimes difference is better... (ulog day #10)

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Hey guys, I want to tell you about not today but yesterday. I hit the bed at almost midnight and in the morning I had Zumba practices. So forgive me for this late #ulog.😬

Yesterday I woke up at about 8.00 am and started my day. I did a search on Pinterest to find new stretching exercises. I want to improve my flexibility and my normal exercises now aren't a hard deal for me now. I want to do a needle and I have to improve my back flexibility to do that. So any of you can do a needle or a scorpion I appreciate some advice and exercises.😊

After that, I took breakfast and went through my school books. We are spending the last week of our summer vacation and soon we'll have all work- no break days 😭 So I have to get my stuff ready and to do my homework.

Our Japanese sensei told us to write 1 to 1000 numbers in Japanese. Yeah, from 1 to 1000. You can also see it's not an easy task. 😖I'm still 650. (I agree that is kinda my fault for not finishing it in earlier days) My notebook is almost over.

Then I read a Sherlock Holmes book. I'm a big fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and I've read the entire Sherlock Holmes series. But they are so amusing that I can read them over and over again. I think I've read the book I mentioned above over 10 times. Don't be surprised 😝

Then I had to teach Science to a grade 11 student. I might have written about this class before. Yesterday lesson was Chemical bonds. I love Chemistry more than Physics and Biology so I still remember the theories clearly. (I don't learn Science now) That lesson was fun and I enjoyed teaching it.

Then it was time to run to Karate. We were a bit late for the class because I wanted my hair in a fish tale. I almost begged my sister to do that but I preferred my hair in a usual ponytail in the end. However, I decided to keep it.

We were fortunate that the class didn't start till 4.30 am. Yesterday our sensei was out and his wife was in charge of the class. I thought it would be a boring class but it turned out to be the exact opposite. It was awesome!

We usually practice Kumite (sparring) in the class but she taught us a Kata (a system of individual training exercises, kinda like a display) yesterday because she's an expert in Kata. In the beginning, we had trouble remembering the steps but lately, it was so entertaining. That Kata was called ''Pinan Nidan''. Then till the Zumba class started, we practiced it over and over again until we get tired of it. I think I like Kata more Kumite. But I also love Kumite because I get the chance to kick ass! Or get my ass beaten. 😅

Zumba class was also held by the wife of our sensei. It was a tad different than the usual routine and I liked that difference. I saw that my sister told it was boring but I enjoyed it. It may be because she chose some slow beat songs that are close to my taste.

It was almost 8.00 pm when the class was finished. We had to wait a bit till our father came to pick us.

After we came home, I swallowed a big plate of rice and grabbed a few bananas. Our family discussed a bit about the week we spend ( it's a family tradition lol) then I jumped on the bed. The next thing I saw was daylight.🤣

So let me ask you something. Do you feel awkward or uncomfortable when you have different types of teachers or do you actually like it? And what is your favorite teacher or instructor type? Explain briefly.😋

Today is reaching its end too. Until we meet again <3

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Sounds like another busy day for you, but it had some fun parts! What Sherlock Holmes book did you read?

I guess I like a teacher who is in a good mood and makes the lesson fun. That's one reason I like to learn from some YouTube videos because some people make good ones with good presentations.

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The sign of four. The one of about the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Have you read it?

Hmm. We have to be fortunate to have a teacher who isn't boring in the school :) If we like the tutor, we are definitely going to love the subject. I think this is very important in physical activities. I love an understanding, caring teacher who will encourage me to push me through my limits.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day :)

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