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I opened the front door.
Our eyes locked,
Both of us surprised
to find ourselves

I've never seen you

Why are you stealing?

He hesitated.
I hesitated.

He made an awkward turn
smack into the garden pot.
Another half turn and
he leaped from the porch edge
and dropped to the ground.

I dashed to my desk.
Oh. Wrong way!
I dashed to my table,
Snagged my phone.
I ran out the back door.

I was armed,
Ready to fire.
Camera app activated!

Did I mention the four cats had him
surrounded on the porch
with their backs all arched?

Did I mention his eyes were masked?
I think he thought he was invisible
to them.
So easily he went on thieving
without a care

I searched the trees near the porch
But I came away without a shot.

So I need ideas.
How do I deal with a raccoon
Stealing the cats's food?

In other news ...

They started haying the fields around us today (5 days ago).
It's a good thing we put down posts next to our little viney plants.
The demarcation line is always considered "unclear" between our yard space and the field. He ran down my chicory plants this year. So far the sunflowers are still standing. He did avoid anything that had a post beside it :-D

The good part, we get to walk the hills for about 2 weeks. Then they will be impassable again.

Let's gossip!

Introductory thoughts regarding gossip sources.

Now. I'm slow with curating gossiping mainly because I'm slow and distracted. We will just have to get around the fact that many / most posts are past their upvote period. I'll tell you how.

Any time I find a post that is past it's upvote season BUT I really like it, I leave a comment on the post. If the author replies, the author gets a decent upvote on the reply of at least 50%. This is especially useful if the author is not prolific and they haven't written another post in the last 7 days. Hey! It happens all the time. Doesn't mean they're dead. It just means they have another full-time life.

And I have a question. If you aren't already, why aren't you curating collecting gossip? Gossiping isn't a talent reserved for the elite. Curating Gossiping is simply a matter of saying HEY LOOK! ISN'T THIS GREAT?! We all do that all the time. So, do your own gossiping. Make it more simple for yourself. Everyday, gossip about one or two posts that relate to the tags you are using. This is really the way I want to do it. But sometimes you will find yourself in gossip overload and well you'll just have to do a long post.

And to answer your question. How slow am I? This post has been in various stages since Thursday! FIVE Days. Reasons include: ADHD (for real omg there goes another fancy sock and it's pulling a shiny object for real!), Fatigue (we'll come back to that), More time in the yard (very nice for so many reasons), Shabbat (Yes, I take a one day brain sabbatical from Steemit every week!), and last but not least my hubby has been on vacation today :-) Well and he's usually my Sunday distraction, too. Most of these reasons are cause for celebration. Actually they all are because ADHD totally keeps me fascinated and the fatigue is even good right now.

So. All that to say, PLEASE, don't send your friends to me for all their gossip. You help out! You share some gossip around too. You just can't believe how much is out there to be gathered up!!

This amazing bit of news comes from my very own daughter, @violetjoy.

We were warned: You likely won’t have any other children

This is her second post on Steemit. It is pretty much her introduction. She made the first one the day before the wildfire burned the mountains along the Cascade River. She was kind of distracted by evacuation, etc.

I personally would appreciate it if you bookmark her blog and beg for weekly updates. Just say'n ;-)

While we're in the baby groove

Allow me to mention that @birdsinparadise, fellow @steemusa member,has a new grandson. The Birds have Arrived! Baby Journal Part 2 Some delicious baby arrival shots are in her post. So, if you're looking for portfolio ideas, there's more for you than just another pretty face ;-)

And Fellow SteemitMama's member @crosheille's little girl arrived last week. You can see some of her in Needlework Monday - Crochet Baby Photoshoot!!! you can also peruse @crosheille's blog for more news.

Beyond the Babies, there are other successes!!

Congratulations to @enjar for Surviving Thriving for a Year in Steemit! I really enjoyed his post My One Year Steemit Anniversary!

Let this be a lesson to us all. It pays to coach people along after you bring them into Steemit.

@enjar credits @pitterpatter for bringing him into Steemit and for being sure he survived, I mean thrived!

This is what @enjar says about @pitterpatter:

Unlike many, I was very blessed to have someone tell me about Steemit in the first place. I showed up with some support here and a very kind hearted person showing me the way and helping me along. A very big thank you to @pitterpatter. Often times my biggest supporter in both engagement and just a fun person interact with. She is an amazing creator and she shows you through her editing of photos of just how wonderful the world is.

I highly recommend reading his entire post because he sites some very helpful stats, facts, and resources!

Many moons ago,

@ma1neevent announced in a group that he was looking for people to interview. I suggested @mariannewest and he and I tried to convince her. Well, Finally!! I present to you "Ma1ne & Snekky" Show Recap - @BigTom13, @Crystalpacheco30, and @Mariannewest

Have you checked into # ulogging?

@surpassinggoogle created the tag Ulogaround the concept that every person is a celebrity. One of his top goals is to take down barriers into Steem / Steemit. When people understand that they can talk about themselves and their world and be better received and better rewarded, there's no need for them to think they need to create "articles" around dredged up Internet info via copy, pasta.

And Oh how lovely are the stories! How riveting! And conversations do ensue. I would say it is also the most international and the most age diverse tag on steemit today.

I want to share portions of my ramble that @snook sparked from me when she stopped by to comment on my first Ulog. You can read all the grit here: Index Cards and Ulog #1

... why I'm a fan of Ulog. As I've looked in on the tag several days here and there, it's so refreshing. It's blogging 2006 right before the corporate idiots came in and made it all stuffy and felt the need to smack down the mommy bloggers and parent bloggers and people who were just telling their stories bloggers.

Ulogs are a beautiful cacophony of life that blends into a breathtaking opera!

@surpassinggoogle is somehow getting people to understand that their very own life is fascinating to people all over the world -- fascinating to people who do not experience life in exactly the same way but yet share the human experience. That is what life is all about ... the telling of the stories.

Blogging that just disperses facts is as boring as hell and is not a blog. It's a research website for the myopic.

Hmm not that I have any opinions on this mind you.

Your day is a story, you should tell it. Use Ulog or use another tag, it matters not. Your story is worth recording on the blockchain because, as @macchiata once pointed out, in doing so you are recording the true history of the world (I don't have the link, sorry) -- in other words, live dangerously. Document your life and your history, do not let history be told by the propagandists!

OH OH OH Speaking of @macchiata.

We drift in and out of each other's lives and on one of the most recent passes she challenged me to the 7 Day Positivity Challenge by @conradt. When I went to look at her blog for examples, I discovered probably the most important post she has ever written: I Am Grateful I Was Adopted- Day 5.
She also wrote a post for a very special friend: When I heard the Ping

That's a very good note to close this round of gossip. So let's get into the run-on closure, shall we?

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If you are a member of @SteemitMamas, @SteemUSA OR if you are participating in @Ulogs OR DYICAD2018 ...

  1. Feel free to leave a comment telling me how inspirational my writing is (or isn't) ;-)

  2. AND THEN you can also tell me what you've written about lately. LEAVE a LINK. Live large, break the "rules" (here).

  3. And who knows, then I might like what you write and follow you around, too.

  • Plus!!! Do you know that I reward good comments?

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Thank you so much for the shoutout and love~ ❤️☺️

A lot to write about this lovely ulog post.

I visited first time, tried to write a comment but couldn't succeed. My scattered thoughts couldn't get focused.
Visited again and ... left.

Now, I've finally decided to write this comment to share my condition and to show my presence.

You're awesome, as always.

See you in your next post.


oh Mobi! did you see? I fight to round up scattered thoughts, also. It's okay. We don't always have to write a bazillion words.

To be honest, part of me wanted to split the post up. Part of me was totally freaked out by that idea because it was already started down the long path and so, obviously, can't stop! cant turn back!

Don't fret. The brain is a messed up pretzel all the time. Some people just hide it better.

Thanks for counting yourself present and accounted for!


Yes ma'am.

My reasons to write a comment on your posts are:

  1. I like your writing style. The way you describe the events is not only interesting but also inspiring.

  2. I always, more or less, learn something new. You narrate your thoughts and experiences in a very impressive way.

  3. Money, capital, balance etc etc is very important, no doubt about that, but for a blogger/ writer, responses and appreciation for hers/his contributions are equally important.



Thank you so much! You are beyond correct in point 3!

You should try some warm up blogging with the freewrite that @mariannewest shepherds.

Haha! I love your idea of gossip! I can relate to your beautiful poem about the raccoon, or was that your daughter’s work? This will be a good place to get my news when I am not on here so often during the summer!!


No. The raccoon is my mischief maker.

My daughter's post is down below. We were warned: You likely won’t have any other children

The gossip collection is fun that more people should enjoy. Just a bit here and a bit there could really spice up the community. It's all just a wee bit too me me me.


One tipped over my bird feeder last night! Lol! Thief!


Mine was making a ruckus on the front porch again. O.o In the middle of the night.

Thank you for the reblogs and encouragement. It's also been nice getting to know you a bit!

Aww that was very sweet of you to do. Have an amazing week!

I've looked into that tag a couple of times. It is a great thing and I'm glad Terry created it. Just not something I would tend to use so I don't look for ways of using it.


Well, what would be the point of you leaving a comment like that if I didn't help you look for ways to use it. Into every life including yours story time falls. I don't mean story time at the library or book store. I mean your day turns into a story that needs to be told. That is your opportunity to write a #ublog!


I gave it a try and made one today. I think its a ublog lol. least in my own mind it is. It's complicated hehe.


LOL I have to go look now! There's an actual https://ulogs.org/ site now that interfaces with Steemit. I'm not using it yet because I, as near as I can tell it doesn't have the slider like Busy does.

Wow, what a post! I can't believe you had a robber, that had to be so scary!
My goodness, you are so fun and have so much energy. You really lift up fellow Steemians you are a blessing to the community! I will enjoy getting to know you! Thank you so much for mentioning my post here, you are too sweet! :)


:-) That little robber was so persistent! He came back and tried to break into the feed barrel too! Fortunately it's a 5 gallon bucket with a screw on lid. But there's teeth marks in it!! LOL

Actually if I have energy, it is only in my writing. I promise!

I really enjoyed finding your post in the steemusa group. All the photos are so peaceful. I'm glad your daughter reached the other side successfully, even if it was in a different way than she expected.

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
Check the rules of the Daily Spotlights if you want to nominate someone!