ULOGRAPY #4- Reaching a goal, there is happiness

in ulog •  4 months ago

Once again I am sharing a #ulografia with this great community. This day has become a very special one, having a child is super important, raising in the way of good much more. The education of a child is more than reading and writing. It is to transmit good habits, values, sense of responsibility. This must always be done, there is no expiration date to guide our children.

That's why the photograph I share makes me very happy. As a Jehovah's Witness, the boys, when appointed, can give public speeches, in the case of my son he began in the theocratic school to train himself and to reach the requirements to become a good speaker.

Today August 25, 2018, has reached that goal. and as a mother, I have felt gratitude to Jehovah God for giving me that great privilege. He is called Samuel or as he is known in steemit, @sam1996.


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