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I had an excruciating pain in my stomach when I woke up yesterday then I had diarrhea and afterwards I also felt pain on my joints. I also felt I had fever and the recurring pain in my stomach was not relieved by Buscopan. I stayed in bed all day and I had no appetite the whole day.



My husband convinced me to go to the doctor but I resisted since there is no need for me to get a "Medical Certificate" (because I am working from home and I can still complete my work in the convenience of my own computer without being absent) and I don't think that I urgently need to be seen by a doctor although the pain that I am experiencing on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 9, I have very high pain tolerance and it was really painful. If you feel pain in your stomach or any part of your body it is best to go to the nearest doctor for help. What I did was research on what might have caused my stomach pain and what medicine I can take to relieve the pain. I suspected that it was food poisoning but I was the only one that was affected so we ruled out it was something else.

It is always best to seek a professional doctors advice!



I had hyperacidity before and I already had an instance a few years ago that I was rushed to the hospital because of severe chest pain that we thought was a heart attack because I also have hypertension, the pain was persistent and was not relieved by an anti-angina sublingual tablet (Isordil). When I was attended by the nurses and Doctors in the Emergency Room and after ECG, blood test and a few questions of what medicines I took to relieve the pain they immediately attached a heplock on my right hand injected me with a pain reliever and Omeprazole ampule. The pain was relieved after a few mins afer and after a few hours I was discharged from the hospital.

My doctor prescribed Omeprazole 20mg for my hyperacidity, there are several causes of hyperaidity and she said that sleeping immediately after eating is one cause of hyperacidity or GERD because the gastric acid which is produced by our stomach to digest food which mainly contains hydrochloric acid(HCl) and sodium chloride(NaCl) have the tendency to go to our diaphragm and esophagus which may then cause GERD(Gastroesophageal reflux disease). Now that I am working during night time, I drink coffee everyday, not just everyday but even twice a day especially during my shift to keep me awake. Coffee is highly acidic and it can stimulate the hyper secretion of gastric acids, hence my hyperacidity was triggered again.





I am now following the low acid diet to relieve my stomach pain and I am taking Omeprazole again. With prayers and my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ I know I am healed. ☺♥

I also have this guide handy.



It is always best to seek a professional doctors advice!



Hello @leahlie!
How do you feel? I hope you are much better and even more every day!
You must have spent several difficult hours while the pain subsided.
Try to take good care of yourself and follow all the medical advice and, above all, a lot of peace and quiet so that you can recover completely.
A hug and get better soon!

I appreciate this @palomot!😄❤ Thank you very much!😊 I can still feel the pain but not as often as it was the other day. I may need to complete the 2 weeks medication to be completely relieved. Hopefully after 2 weeks everything's ok, if not I will visit my doctor again. greatly appreciate this!😙🤗

I'm glad to know that you're a more relieved!
I hope that each day the relief is greater and that the time of the treatment will help you to recover completely.
Take care and my best regards!! ❀🌹🌻

Thank you very much @palomot! The medicine relieves the pain and I am also praying for continuous recovery. Take care! :) ♥

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