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Sir Kerwin during in the installation of girder when he was still with the EEI Corporation.

The last time I posted a ulog entry was when my friend, Sir Kerwin was in the ICU. I asked for financial assistance here in the platform and steemit didn't fail me.

The Man About Town is my angel.

@henry-gant is one of my long time friends here in Steemit. Whenever I talk to him, I think I'm always grateful. He's a really great author and it's my joy whenever he commends my writing.

I wrote an entry for the poetry dice and this was his comment. I don't even know what an iambic pentameter is. And to be compared to Shakespeare is truly a great honor.

He's got a big poetic heart that always gives. He shares his blessings to all and that blessing poured down on me, too.

Thank you @henry-gant for the contribution. You are so generous, kind sir! May God bless you everyday of your life. You told me not to pay it back, so I'm going to pay it forward.

I wasn't able to meet up with Sir Kerwin.

I found out thru Sir Justin that Sir Kerwin was confined in Bicol. I couldn't come to where he was because of work and because I ain't got the budget. And if I have the money to go there, I'd rather send it to him. One last thing, I had a hard time contacting him. His wife didn't replied to my texts as well. (Maybe, because I was a girl. LOL)

My office mates and I gave what we could 16 days ago when I posted my firstulog. Sir Justin and Ma'am April spearheaded the collection. And if I'm not mistaken, I think they collected more than 4,000.00 Php.

I got busy at work. We had a deadline and the wi-fi at the office broke. I was so busy that I haven't checked out my steemit account. We recently got back our wi-fi at home but whenever I arrived home, I dove straight into the bed, waking up the following morning doing the same thing. I also took the GEC's final examination last July 17, 2018 so I was really busy reviewing. (I know, reasons after reasons after reasons.)

When all wasn't so hectic, I went online and voila!

@henry-gant was just friggin' awesome! And all I could do again was thank him from the bottom of my heart and the Marianas Trench.

And so, I transferred the money to coins.ph to cash out the blessing and asked sir Justin how they sent the previous collection. I finally got to talk to Sir Kerwin only when Sir Justin tried to call him. I was expecting to talk to his wife but it was Sir Kerwin speaking at the other end. I learned that he got out of the hospital and that he was recovering.

I got sir Kerwin's account number from sir Justin and wired the money to him for his meds.

Steem and Steem Backed Dollars were recently really down and it would've been much more if SBD's way up there! I would've helped him more. (If only I was richer HAHAHA)


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What a truly wonderful story. Blessings to the hero @henry-gant and to you @krizia for believing in the good potential of people. The two of you make the most gracious team! Steemit is a wonderful platform where angels can meet, and often do! 💛❤️💚💜


Aww. Hero. I'm just the sidekick. Haha, @henry-gant is the real hero. But it's great to be on a team with him. Team HK! Hahaha.


To be on team Krizia . . . what a lovely thought.


Team Hong Kong! Thanks so much for the help @henry-gant!

God moves in mysterious ways. He uses people like you and @henry-gant to spread His love. May God bless the two of you more.


Thank you so much @macoolette! God bless you.


You're welcome. God bless you too. 😊

Imagine if those 30 SBD were sent to you when it was December, I would have reached you for the medicines and more hahahahaha.

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I know, right? Last December, I wasn't expecting my 19$ to be that big. It was a surprise. But still, what I gave ro Sir Kerwin from The Man About Town is very helpful. It's a blessing.


If it's okay, well I'm glad you got it :D

Happy for your friend @krizia
We can utilise this platform to things like this.
We can do this!


Thank you very much! Yes, we can do this!