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It's been a long weekend. The kids caught a stomach bug and the puke started late Friday night. I had to call my mom in for reinforcement. No one got any sleep.

Saturday still sick.

Our kids are the type that can get sick and then keep playing like nothing ever happened. So it's super exhausting to clean all the mess and extra laundry plus entertain them. Thankfully, they both took a good long nap each day this weekend though. I love when they sleep. 😏🤣

Gaawd they're cute!!!

When they're not sleeping, they get bored quick. Since River loves to paint, I decided to let them paint the windows on the slider. Tempura paint plus a few drops of dish soap will help it wash right off later. They had a blast!

Turned out.. ok...
hey, they're not quite 4 yet. don't judge. 🤣

We made it through today with no one getting sick, so hopefully we're all done with that!

@chackett germinated and planted a jack herer seed before he went back to work. I'm watering it while he's gone. Look how cute it is!

Can't wait to try this strain. I know it's pretty popular, but I've never had the opportunity to try it. Hopefully it'll be a good one for my anxiety.

That's all that's happening in the Hackett house. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! love and light, thanks for reading.

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Fantastic Post

Kids are just so adorable. People are always happy when their kids are sleeping, cos being awake is a disturbance. Hahahahahah
But of course they can't sleep always.

The plants growing so fast. Hmmmm
@khackett how far? Do you still gym?


Right? Lol. The plants about 2 weeks old I think? 😊

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Wow, toddlers are like cats - can sleep anywhere, in any position. LOL!
I hope YOU get some rest now!