#ULOG019: Saturday Is Selfie or Groufie Overload

in #ulog2 years ago

Are you a selfie addict? Or do you often take a photo of yourself? Is it bad or good?

Before anythings else, what is Selfie? It means a photography that you take of yourself through your camera. When you say Groufie taking picture with more than one or in a group while one holding the camera.

Some says that selfie is one of the psychological disorder. Is it true?

If you've taken up three or more selfies in a day consider yourself nuts according to the American Psychiatric Associations. Well, for my own view, if you love posting your pictures in a social media without hurting anyone then it is your right of freedom.
It is just a picture and you want to show everyone how happy you are or depends on your mood. Sometimes, some says it is an online diary. But I am encouraging everyone that instead of facebook I recommend to share your thoughts in STEEMIT community and tag it #ulog or #uloggers where you can earn dollars because this hastag is supported by none other than @surpassinggoogle and his team.

Here are our Saturday Selfie and Twofie Madness behind with a Great Smile.








So if you find yourself snapping away and capturing life through the lens, add a new perspective. Work to minimize your social media prreence, take in yhe best of life's moments without the need to seek approval or commentary from others.

Live your own life. Dont live before the eyes of others.

Thank you steemit friends.


Love lots,


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