A Year & A Half Later - You Are Worth A Lot More, Don't Sell Yourself Short/Out (U-log)

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I'm going to keep this U-log as short as possible. If I go into it too deeply I am certain that there will be too many people out there who will pick away at it and take things way out of context.

For the longest part of my journey here I have been promoting the concept of people just communicating freely, no conforming to "others" so as to get upvotes etc etc etc.

Sure, there is crypto to be earned, but if someone is going to be earning it by conforming to the mobs that keep imposing their opinions upon others then there is no future for this place.

Last night I was in one of the meeting rooms on Discord, listened very carefully to a person out there, that persons user name I shall reveal at the end of this short U-log.

Basically, I enjoyed the meeting.


Well, although some of the talk was about "quality posts" which is always subjective, 99% of the message that the person holding the online meetup was all about PEOPLE.

Never at any point did he judge anyone for being unique, for being different, throughout the entire discussion he kept promoting the fact that most of what we do here is ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE and not the crypto, which really put a great big smile on my face. Not only because he made sure it was understood that we are all individuals as such, but also the fact that he made it very clear how earning crypto is an important factor to this endeavour, that there is a business aspect to it all.

His open nature made it possible for anyone and everyone attending to feel accepted just the way they are.

Hats off to him.

Now, enough of this, it may sound like I'm brown nosing.

Why am I mentioning this meetup?

Well, it kinda reinforced the message that I firmly believe is the key to any successful social network of PEOPLE!

The message although simple, may need to be put forwards in many different ways, so here goes:

Make your wall here YOUR WALL. BE YOURSELF!

Don't become a victim to the mobs, never sell out, no matter what the price!

Enjoy it, and to do that make it what you want it to be, not what others want from/of you.

Life is way too short to waste, so DON'T WASTE IT!

I think that pretty much covers most of it.

It gave me as an individual a nice warm and fuzzy to hear a lot of that being said, maybe not with those exact words, but you know what I mean.

It really is important to understand this, otherwise there really is no future here for anyone.

So no matter who all confronts you with their "opinions" about how you should be, how you should express yourself, just keep STEEMING ON and being the way you are.

Your beauty as an individual is worth more than all the worldly wealths of this earth and NEVER FORGET THAT!

Ohhh yeah and the person that I was referring to earlier on is @meno , go check out his wall, follow him, he is much better versed than me in getting this message across to people, so by all means, follow him and get to feel comfortable here on Steem, being yourself and enjoying your Steemian experience.

Cheers mate, you're good people. (if you see this)

I think that I have said enough today, there is only so many times a person can keep saying the same thing over and over again through the course of roughly a year and a half.

PS. I will keep saying it, will say it by doing it and not preaching it!

Wish everyone out there a lovely day, a lovely weekend, a great 2019. A lot of health and wealth to one and all.

God bless you all.


Yours truly


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Great message! I'll have to check @meno out. Also thanks for the help earlier. Your site wad very easy to use. Definitely have my vote now too. :)

I agree. Community is a big part of being successful on here, but it doesn't mean you should sell yourself short. If you can't find a group that you really vibe with, start your own!

I follow meno for a long time, I like it because it publishes what you think, but when one is starting in steemit is a bit difficult to be accepted, one explores topics, labels, to do juggles to draw attention hahaha and receive votes. Maybe some do not mind the votes, but when steemit is part of your family budget, the votes are important.

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