The death of Mavrodi

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The death of Mavrodi


"No. You've got to go." Mavrodi looked into her eyes one last time and handed over the bag containing their meager supplies.

Enough for the Third Younger Sister/3M to make it out of the desert. Hopefully.

His hand covered her rounded stomach as they kissed.

"Goodbye, Third Younger Sister/3M. Take care of our daughter PMI/(MMM China)."




"No. You've got to go." I looked into her eyes one last time and handed over the bag containing our meager supplies.

Enough for Anna to make it out of the desert. Hopefully.

My hand covered her rounded stomach as we kissed.

"Goodbye, Anna. Take care of our daughter."


P.S. When I read this hint fiction "Goodbye" from @jasminearch, somehow, it reminds me of the relationship between MMM founder Mavrodi and MMM in Chinese verison --- our PMI.

I have learned that in western society, it is very rude/impolite to translate/cite/revise the blog (article online) without permission in advance. Here I want to say that I respect this kind of culture and tradition so much if it is true. (I only doubt how long the internet has been, no more than 30 years, OK? How long has Steemit/blockchain technology been?)
However, I did so without any bad intention. If I have offened the original author, I ask his/her pardon.

I only want to promote our PMI, telling the world that Mr. Mavrodi (MMM founder) was so great, he was not a Ponzi scheme fraudster like what the Wikipedia said. On the contrary, he dedicated all his life to MMM. After his demise, MMM global was shut down, too. Luckily, a new Chinese-style MMM was born, it is called PMI.

Welcome to join our PMI!

My God, the internet world is so small. I read this Hint Fiction--Goodbye from a Steemit blog occassionally, I remember it is chosen as a 50-word contest winner. With respect to the original author, I just kept the record of the name. Now I am free, wondering who is that author, male or female? A big surprise to me! It turns out that it is unexpectedly the same author who has ever caused me a huge trouble on me on Steemit! Such kind of horrible horrible horrible memory!

I have an impulse to delete this blog in order to avoid the possible future trouble. On the second thought, I decide to have its place.

Because my intention of revising this Hint Fiction is very clear! Spread Mavrodi Ideology and attract more people from all over the world to get to know Mavrodi's Financial Apocalypse and our PMI/MMM (China)! So if I have to face another storm raid, I am ready!

There is an old Chinese saying: 不打不相识
"If not for our fight, we wouldn't have grown closer."
"It may be no discord no concord."

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"I have learned that in western society, it is very rude/impolite to translate/cite/revise the blog (article online) without permission in advance. Here I want to say that I respect this kind of culture and tradition so much."

It appears you said "Fuck You" to that tradition.


Please notice my real intention here: Spreading the great Marvodi Ideology!

I want to attract more people to learn about Mavrodi Ideology! That's all!

Do you think I can earn money by posting blogs on Steemit? God knows how Steemit has been ruined by so many unfriendly people! Those foolish but fierce people are losing their money/investment on Steemit...

Please be merciful! Most of Steemiars are not professional writers! Steemit is our common global family to share our own stories and feelings!

You are sounding like a rude person! You know about it! Because you never respect other people's tradition--有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎!

For the record: in no way, shape or form did I give you permission to use my work in your post advertising a ponzi scheme

This is not the first time you use my work without my permission. This time, you both reproduce my original, and change the names of the characters and pass my story off as yours and "inspired by my work". That's called plagiarism. You are already aware of the fact that I don't want my stories used by you

Both of these are clear and unquestionable copyright violations. I expect you to remove my story from your post.


不打不相识!But how can you say I am advertizing a Ponzi Scheme? It is the great Financial Apocalypse from great Mr. Mavrodi who was once the deputy of Russian Duma! He was wronged by his own country and Yeltsin government, suffering the terrible political persecution! However, his "daughter" PMI/MMM(China) has been born in China smoothly and safely after getting out of the horrible desert! We PMI is helping recover his reputation! (If you don't believe in it, please contact our PMI leader Teacher Li who is a great scholar from Shanghai! The butterfly picture is the LOGO of our PMI!)

The internet world is really so small. When I used this mini story, I didn't know who the author was. Sorry, I has forgotten your Steemit name. When I realized it is the same author, I was really very shocked!

Yeah, you can call it Ponzi Scheme, it is the fact that Mavrodi was regarded as an international fraudster, anyone can check it from Wikimedia. But it is also the fact that I am earning money from our PMI/MMM(China). (Don't confuse our PMI with other false MMM! It is true that there are a lot of false MMMs, they are the real Ponzi Schemes by using the name of Mavrodi! they are blackening the name of Mavrodi and MMM!) I know a war is waiting for me, but if more and more people know about the real story of great Mavrodi, my goal is reached!

Just see how Steem price decreases! You can block this blog, it is your freedom! I don't care, my whole Steemit account has fallen down from 700 dollar to 50 dollar now due to Steem price's drop!


I don't care about money. I care about my work being used without my permission. I want it removed from your blog.


If without money, what's the worth of your blog? Who cares? I don't earn money by using your blog!

I only tell a real story of Mavrodi! He was dead, but his "daughter" PMI has left the horrible desert, being loved in a kind place! However, someday when his "daughter" PMI grows up, she will return to her hometown without doubt to help recover her father's reputation!

You can agree or disagree! It is the internet/blockchain world! You can say it is illegal to cite/translate/revise a blog(article online) without permission in advance, but it is only your law, not my law!
I encourage you to seek help from the international court if you can! To see if I really have a copyright violation! Maybe we can divide 0.26 dollar worth of Steem or I should send you 0.26 dollar worth of Steem!

Another simple way is you just block this blog directly! No need to cook up charges! Steem is not a good place for people to earn money, you know about it clearly.

I never think that it is illegal to translate/cite/revise some blogs on Facebook! I only know blogs are free! If each time when I translate/cite/forward blogs, I must contact their authors to ask for permission, it will be so ridiculous! Of course, if you are a professional writer, you cherish your blogs so much, you can set your blog into secret or only open to your friends, then nobody can read or "use" your blog, OK?

I also know how some unfriendly people can cook up charges freely!
Mavrodi is a good example, he was oppressed and slandered as a Ponzi Scheme fraudster till he died! Because his MMM was as wealthy as an international bank online/shared virtual bank, he was envied to death! Luckily, Teacher Li is trying his best to help people see the truth via PMI training classes!

Last but not least, if anyone wants to earn money online, welcome to learn Mavrodi Ideology/Financial Apocalypse from our Teacher Li for free and join our PMI!(The only regret is that PMI training classes are only taught in Chinese now!)