My younger sister's Hetian jade pendant

in #ulog2 years ago (edited)

All my wonderful Steemit friends, do you know what kind of bird this pattern is? Tell me if you love this jade pendant. So so beautiful!


Yeah, the pattern is a kind of eagle whose Chinese name is 海东青, i.e. gyrfalcon, also being regarded as a totem in Manchu culture. It is my younger sister who bought it with only 15 dollar in Xinjiang where abounds in Hetian jade. I always love Hetian jade. I can't wait to buy some Hetian jade in Xinjiang.

However, some good-quality Hetian jade can be very very expensive, and it is known by another beautiful name--- mutton-fat jade. Such kind of first-rate Hetian jade is in reality as well as its name, having fine, oily texture and luster moisture, like white mutton.

Just enjoy the pictures below.




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