ULOG#3 Boring Saturday

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I woke up at 05:30 am today, it was already hot, but I stayed in bed until it was 06:00 then I got up, it was still kind of cool the sun hadn't hit in yet, dawn here is at around 05:40, I took a bath and got something to eat. At 8:30, after I knew the Leicester-Liverpool score I went out for my daily walk.

So I went to where I always go the old waterfront, and visit the pool room I always go to, had a couple of Coca Colas talked some crap up there with the guys, but today isn't a fun day, just a few people were there a few nursing a hangover.

So I got out of there and went for a walk to the mall which is about a 15 minute walk away, and there were also few people there, only good thing about the mall is it has air conditioning, but today it was just completely dead.

So I went to the Casino which is about a block away and since I have no money right now I just talked with some of the girls who work there, drank a Pepsi (no Coca Cola here) and watched some people playing but that was boring also so I walked back home.

Things aren't much better here I was going to watch the Real Madrid- Leganes game but it just happens that they aren't showing it on any of the sports channels, so I just came to the computer and have livescore.com to see how the match is going and then I am just on some other sites letting time pass.

I guess I will have to go back out for a walk, you see I am kind of hyperactive and I can't stay in the same place for too long, I always want to be on the move.

Tonight is going to be really bad, I have no football games to follow, so I guess I will just play a few games online see what is on Steemit and then read until 01:00 and try to get some sleep. I hope tomorrow isn't as boring as today.

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Haha! Boring days can also be nice! Find a book? or play a game? got a movie or TV series that you wanted watch?


I do read a lot, games hardly ever, and I don't go to the movies and watch very little TV.