Kissing All Bad Things Goodbye!

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Hello everyone! I really hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration with your loved ones. I, on the other hand enjoyed it pretty well together with my family and relatives.

2018 has officially ended! Finally I could say that I was able to survive the past twelve months which seemed to be a roller coaster ride. I regard it is as a roller coaster ride since I never like the idea of riding a roller coaster. Well, too much of that. Let's get things started.

First of all I will really be apolegetic since it took me twenty five days before I decided to open up with you all. It was so hard for me (both physically, emotionally, and mentally) to share things despite the fact that a lot of wonderful things also happened to me on the last quarter of 2018. I would just like to thank @immarojas for pushing me to write despite of what I had been through.

I will just summarize things that happened to me and then will later on elaborate each event on an individual post. I hope I still have the number of followers who would read my post. I will try my very best as much as possible to interact with other writers as well. I hope I can make new friends here -- and I really hope that my spark in writing is still alive.

Health Issues
First of all, I really am so thankful that I made it out alive! I could not imagine how I manage to handle my abnormal uterine bleeding for three months long. I really suffered from anaemia because of that. If it was not for my 7:30 AM class, I would not have decided myself for a checkup at the OB-GYNE. It was then that I found out that I was suffering from hormonal imbalance. Thanks be to God that what provoked my anaemia and abnormal uternine bleeding was not from any cyst or from PCOS. I really wanted to have kids soon and i wanted to be healthy for them.

Academic Fiasco
I know that there is no system that is perfect, but I also believe that it is essential to put emphasis on the system of education despite of what level that is maybe. For the past semester including now, I do not really believe that our institution was able to make us fully-equipped for the September 2019 Licensure Examination for Teachers.

There are still a lot of things that are needed to be taught in the class, and a lot of lessons to be learned through self-study. I hope I could make it without sacrificing my health again because being sick is not okay; and getting well is very expensive.

I became a student-teacher last November (Second Semester) and in fairness it has been and I hope it will be a fascinating experience. I will definitely talk more about this in days to come.

Our Family Year-End Vacation

For December 26 -31, we were able to travel on some parts of Panay Island. That is still in the Philippines. We were able to discover how neat Iloilo City is, how Boracay is loved by both local and foreign tourists, and how sweet the mangos of Guimaras are! In the video above, we were also able to see modern wind mills for the very first time! I wish I could also witness the majestic Bangui Windmills of Ilocos.

Things have not always been negative and the last one really made me feel better after months of being on hiatus. My relationship with @kennethjames was on rocks and I thought it would not be in the state as how it used to be a year ago. The vacation trip that my parents (@alfredtongco) has allowed us to be reunited. It also made us understand a lot of things about us and as individuals. I hope the time that we spent being separated from each other would make our relationship stronger and closer to our Creator.

For 2019, I dearly pray that everyone of us will be prosperous. I dearly pray that a lot would invest on STEEM and SBD. I also hope to read a lot of fascinating stories from other writers here on steemit and on other social media sites. I also hope that we would live harmoniously and experience a lush life together with the people we care the most. Seeing the sunset and the sun rise with people you love is really an awesome experience that everyone of us would experience.

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Congratulation @gaibelga! Your post has been recently featured on Myach's Daily Pick Edition!

We wish you a great and happy new year 2019 ahead!!


Thank you. It was so nice of you. Happy new year to you as well.

Happy New Year, dear! ❤️


Happy new year too. I hope we will have an abundant 2019. Take care dear!

Nice you're back ate! Steem on this 2019! Have faith.

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Thank you for the inspiration and push ate Imma. Love love!

I hope you have a wonderful new year and it sounds like you had some scrapes last year, but at least it is all behind you now!


Thank you for being so thoughtful. Cheers to us for 2019!