Park Time 2 Plus Music Store

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Did you Have Fun Yet?

My last post was the first part of our visit to the park. The sky is clear but hazy. It wasn't that hot and we have the park all to ourselves.


Well, not really. There's a little boy and his mom at the park. So we shared the slides with him. He's younger than my baby brother so we have to be very careful and not run over him.


It is so fun to slide down. I think the most exciting part is when we hurry up and get up to the top again. See who's the first one to slide back down.


Here's my baby brother flying down. Wheeee~

We're cleaning the slides as you can see. Only the middle part is clean. The sides look a little dirty. Mom said they might be from shoe marks.

Static-y Hair


Here's my baby sister's turn. You can tell the static electricity on her hair. Since we have shorter hair, you can't really tell. But we have them too every time we slide down.

Mom's asking why she's hangin on the sides of the slides. I'm not sure. But Mom thought maybe she just didn't want to slide all the way down.

She still hasn't figured out how to brake when she's at the end of the slide.

My Mom's Surprise

We went to visit the local music store. This store is super fun. But we can't play there like we were in the park.


Oh boy, they had those cajon @steemseph introduced us to. And they have banjos, ukelele's and little guitars. The lady who helped us teach music lessons.

Can you guess what we did in the music store? Maybe Mom can post it next for her blog. Or maybe we will on my blog.

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Hello @futurefarmers Wow I was not expected your park trip would finish with finding that cajon @steemseph is playing on! Is this box Luna Percussion is that cajon?? What is the price for cajon at your local music store? Should we all buy one and make first-ever-steemit-cajon-band?))