Ulog #9 : what is next

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Right now Im out of the hospital and has been going back to work, there are still 2 weeks left before I can officially leave my job but going there now doesn't seem like a pressure any longer. I just feel relieved and happy.

Of course thete is thevwuestion of 'What is next' which I do not have the amswer to as of yet but what I know is that I will get my health back on track first while exploring things to find out more about what I can do.

Sometimes I think this might come too late but when I was younger, I had a set of ideas but time changes and those only madr me miserable. Life is aboit learning, no matter how old we are, and nothing is too late.

I havebalso filled myself on sermons and talks about 'whats next' and Im truly grateful for those, it reminds me that Im not alone and God never will let me be alone. My future is in his hands, so I know I have a bright future to look ahead to.



Wishing you all the best in your future intention.
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Get well soon beautiful

Excellent outlook. It is truly all in God's hands. We never get more than we can handle. Get well soon! via Kryptonia by @daytondoes

Oh sweetheart, am glad you have been out of hospital and doing fine now. It would be nice to do what will make you happy. God is in control and i believe he would surprise you with something better. Pls take good care of yourself, i love you friend. @fisherman

Thank you for tehencouraging words, I have faith that He will indeed. god bless you, friend.

Oh . :( Get well soon @fleurinna. May God bless you always.

Hope you will be on track again. But important thing to note is you should not skip one to get other thing better. I don't comment on quitting the job. Because it is personnal, But I definetly say that you should not let your health ruin while doing job. By my initial word you might have thought that exactly inverse of what my intention is. So I have a need to clarify this. Every day in life is full of challenges. During childhood you struggle for crawling, sitting, walking and running. Ultimately every child would have go through all the phases. Most of us would have faced difficulty in achieving these objectives during childhood. But we never quit eating or something. Obviously our parents taught us to face the life like that. But we forget those things. Hope this post would have helped you in remembering your cchildhood. But most importantly it will help you in taking right decision. kcherukuri from kryptonia.

Nice ulog post.
But your pic is something different.

ahaha... I know my pic is blurry there but it depicts how I feel

Start blogging and enjoy yourself.

Get well soon Miss and take a lot of rest to recover.
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I hope you find an interesting career and one of which you really enjoy. If you love what you do, it does not seem like work

I am from kryptonia, wel first of all you are really beautiful and handsome.

Wish You Good Luck For Future And Get Well Soon

life can be happier without worrying the future, God is gracious. What is needed is a thorough preparation.

thank you sis, He is indeed gracious.

I hope you recover soon Kryptonia @richard78624

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Hugs and Good Vibes sent your way, thanks for sharing your story and hope you feel better soon

hugs to you too! thank you lots

always stay positive and life will flow more easily. Trust that everything falls into place. @claudiaz via kryptonia

everything will be fine. kryptonia id @phosgenex

Stay positive and get well soon sweety 😊
@starjewel via Kryptonia

lo importante es tener buena actitud ante la vida, adelante. id kryptonia @reyos69

Yea, you've made a point, no one is above learning , I completed your task from [email protected]

thank you, lets all keep learning!

unpredictable future, thus the question is raised WHAT'S NEXT, yet believing on ourselves and trusting His bounty may help relieve the worries. Happy Sunday dear.

So true, nothing in the future is predcitable but He is our rock. God bless!!

You are a woman full of talent and blessing, Greetings!
Kryptonia id @anasuleidy

nice post upvoted. Kryptonia id @nyphotask

La vida siempre nos trae cambios inesperados, que no podemos evitar. Aunque no es fácil, debemos esforzarnos por adaptarnos a las nuevas circunstancias, con la plena seguridad que si nos apoyamos en Dios nos dará las fuerzas necesarias para sobrellevarlas e incluso quizás descubramos nuevas oportunidades. Mis mejores deseos.
Kryptonia ID: @henryblanco

You are right God will not allow you to be alone. He is always there to guide you. Upvoted

Getwell soon, kryptonia @mrlopez

Nice photo. You are beautiful.

Get better soon

You're right, you are not alone, happiness and joy to you.

(Kryptonia - @alicedorin)

congrats for new job . be happy my friend.

I am so sorry to hear that you were in the hospital i hope you get well soon. :)

My future is in your hands, I like that phrase, hope your health follow me! @sughey Kryptonia ID

You're never alone with Jesus in your life.

upvoted Kryptonia @deathly_horror

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