Barley - better than rice?

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It was quite a weird weekend - no diners for Sunday Supper. A mixed blessing, but not just because it gave us a night off, but also because the box of ripening tomatoes - destined for the fresh tomato soup - was pinched off our veranda. Because my kitchen is rather small, I have an outside prep area and the tomatoes were stashed (or so I thought) where they’d be missed. Not. The gap was discovered on Sunday morning and had we had bookings, instant panic would have ensued.

Anyhow, no bookings always means a much more simple supper and, if I’ve the inclination, some experimenting in the kitchen. This Sunday ratatouille was on the menu and I went ahead with that but in the absence of fresh tomatoes used a tin of chopped tomatoes. A whole one. That was a mistake - we ended up with Mediterranean vegetables in tomato. Not ratatouille.

That was somewhat rescued by my deciding that we’d eat it with barley instead of rice. I cooked in some newly-made chicken stock and with mozzarella, the supper was more than acceptable, even if the ratatouille could not be redeemed!

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There it is - today's contribution

Until next time
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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Thank you! It's fun! Glad you're enjoying it to.

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Wouldn't have missed it! And thank YOU! 😘

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Not keen on barley, but do really like rice. When I lived in Thailand for a few years I had rice every day so that now it's a staple for me...


I hate "ordinary" white rice and since the more fragrant rices (jasmine and basmati) have become available, I am less averse. That said, some western dishes don't work with thos flavours. Barley, not cooked to a glop was a very pleasant surprise. I hated barley in soup which my mother made every winter. Glop in dishwater...

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Yes, I've had my fair share of glop

It looks delicious! And I always like Barley for a change. I like the texture.


Yes, I did like the texture - a pleasant surprise after the glutinous glop in my mother's soup. Now I want to experiment with other things...

Thanks for the follow and for stopping by

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It looks really good. I LOVE barley in soups. I have had a few dishes were it was substituted for rice. I love it. The hubby not so much LOL. 'It's to chewy and why is it so thick' He's so picky on what he eats.